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Hi I am aminsino and my favorite game franchise is the gta franchise especially gta san Andreas, gta IV ballad of gay tony, and Gta V. I am an active editor of this wiki so gta fans can get their information when they want it, so thanks for choosing this wikipedia. :D

Favorite vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The armored Kuruma since it has insane bullet protection and is the ultimate combat car as you can shoot players without fear of their bullets hitting you except the side windows.
  • The Zentorno since it is an insanely fast car with fantastic acceleration traction and handling.
  • The Dubsta 6x6 for it's fantastic ramming power and great off road capability.
  • The nemesis since it's one of the rarest vehicles in gtaV

Favorite Weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online

  • My all time favorite weapon is the special carbine with it's high damage, good fire rate, and is an all-around versatile weapon.
  • Heavy Sniper since it one shots People from lvl 99 and below.
  • Heavy shotgun since it has very high close range damage and a decent fire rate.
  • RPG since it's great for blowing stuff up.
  • Baseball bat since it has high damage and floors enemies.
  • Crowbar for the same reason as the Baseball Bat.
  • AP pistol since it is better in every way than the micro smg.
  • Last but not least is Sticky Bombs since they are good for traps.

Favorite Gta V radio station

  • My favorite radio station is radio mirror park and the best song for me is sleepwalking by the chain gang of 1976.

Accomplishments in game

  • Beat the game.
  • Achieved two race world records online.
  • Founded the crew Los santos combat squad.
  • Achieved a 1.88 k/d ratio
  • Lvl 115
  • Maxed out gta online protagonist's stats other than mental state which resets each day.
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