aka Adam

  • I live in Czech Republic
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Member of MobyGames and Wikia, gamer
  • I am Male
Sněžné stromy

If you see this picture, it is me!

About myself

"Beat it, asswipe."

-Aginnon saying his catchphrase upon killing a street criminal

Hello guys, this is my User page and I started playing GTA when I was young back then (it was Vice City). I never, ever played the HD universe games, but the 2D and the 3D (Renderware) era were my favourite to this day.

Ratings for the GTA series

GTA 1: A decent game, it doesn't have the detailed GFX as in GTA 3, but it is not that bad. 6/10

GTA London 1969/1961: A mixed bag of good and bad smacked into one, the graphics look dated when I look at it now. 5/10

GTA 2: Better than the first, it has more stuff than GTA 1, better radio, the city feels more alive and sadly, lack of cinematics after a level disapoints me. 7/10

GTA 3: Finally, the series got a leap to 3D thanks to Criterion's Renderware engine it looks alot more better than GTA 2, the radio is a big improvement, and the gang AI pisses me off when a shotgun blast hits my vehicle and gets blown to smithereens. 8.4/10

GTA VC: I enjoyed the setting and enviroment, but the game is much better than the rest, even due to the semi-hard RC helicopter mission, you seem to drop the controller on the floor, you get pissed off, TWICE. 8.2/10

GTA SA: The massive amount of references and dialog seems to be funnier if you visit the spot with the 'there are no easter eggs up here' joke. The vehicle amount is bigger, and the sound lacks some slack, but it is still great, with the mod community. 8.6/10

GTA Advance: It looks un-prepared, crap, and it was rubbish after I played the first few missions. Better save this thing for something else, the development should have been canceled or blasted by the firing squadron when they released it on the stores. 4.6/10

GTA LCS and VCS: Never played these, though... 0/10 (unrated, better try them later)

GTA CW: Was pretty good. It is like GTA 4, but I played this, and not GTA 4. 7.4/10

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