Character Missions Description Unlocked Locations Notes
Grass Roots - Michael Defeat the waves of aliens using a Minigun. After "Complications" and "Pulling Favors" Legion Square, Downtown Los Santos N/A
Grass Roots - Trevor Defeat the waves of clowns using a Assault Shotgun. After "Three's Company"
Grass Roots - Franklin Simple watch the cutscene. Sinner Street, Textily City, Downtown Los Santos Required for the 100%.
Grass Roots - The Pickup Deliver the truck to Barry's apartment without atracting the police. After "Grass Roots - Franklin" El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights
Grass Roots - The Drag Tow the vehicle to Barry's apartment. Rogers Salvage and Scrap , Alta Street, La Puerta
Grass Roots - The Smoke-In Just go to Los Santos City Hall. After "Grass Roots - The Pickup" and "Grass Roots - The Drag" Los Santos City Hall, Occupation Avenue
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