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PS: As in 2010

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Hello, I'm 0ComeKillLah. I edit articles, add articles and sometimes replace images. I also share my experience in GTA SA in this wiki.

Also check my social wikipage!

You can request me for userboxes or images (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas users only).

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These are the game reviews for GTA Series expect older GTA games (GTA 1 and 2).


Main article: GTA III

I got this on double pack with GTA Vice City in XBOX. I got to tell you, it sucks. -.- I know it was the first 3D GTA game ever but there was only a few cars and things.

I rate this 2/5.

GTA Vice City

Main article: GTA Vice City

Better than GTA III. I got this on double pack with GTA III in XBOX. It a bit rock because San Andreas is the best, LOL! More cars and missions than GTA III

I rate this 7/10.

GTA San Andreas

Main article: GTA San Andreas

My second best game (and first best game I played). It has many vehicles to drive on, bigger map and best missions.

Despite my sound card does not match the recommendations, it's the best to give it a 9/10.


Main article: GTA IV

Best yet not played game ever! Best graphics (though it does not match the recommendations of mine) and physics, the year in the 2000s era and I would give 10/10!

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