Uri is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Uri is an old friend of Zhou Ming, and a member of the Ming Family Triads. Uri supposedly betrayed Zhou which resulted in his death later.

Events of GTA Chinatown Wars

Huang Lee is sent by Zhou Ming to collect Uri, who is to be transported in an ambulance to custody by the police. Huang manages to bring Uri alive to Zhou, even re-starting his heart after he flatlines on numerous occasions whilst being transported. Upon arrival, Uri is killed by Zhou, who cuts his heart out with a dagger (much to Huang's shock), as Uri screams in fear and pain.

Mission Appearances

GTA Chinatown Wars


  • Uri is not a Chinese name, but is a Hebrew name.
  • Despite being supposed to be Chinese, Uri looks more Caucasian than East Asian.


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