"Battle it out in this gang-controlled area of Los Santos."

Urban Jungle is a Rockstar Verified Deathmatch in Grand Theft Auto Online

The Deathmatch takes placed in Rancho, a mostly gang-controlled area, with low-class residents. The area is filled with many props for cover from gun fire, and many vehicles like the Bison, Taco Van, Manana, Phoenix and Tornado are found around. Things like the Phoenix and Tornado can be found within and around the residential buildings, whereas Taco Vans and Bisons are found in back streets and on the streets themselves.

Weapons like the Assault Rifle, Micro SMG and Knife are found, being typical gang weapons, where as other miscellaneous objects such as the Jerry Can and Grenades are also found.

Other pickups include health and armor.


GTAO-Urban Jungle Map
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