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Upstate Liberty is a location in the Grand Theft Auto series that makes a brief appearance in the 3D Universe and is mentioned in the HD Universe. It is a geographic region consisting of the portion of the State of Liberty lying north of the Liberty City metropolitan area in both universes.

It is a parody of Upstate New York, located on the northern portion of the New York State, lying north of New York City.

An unnamed area of Upstate Liberty makes its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition, located northeast from Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, and east from the observatory in Cedar Ridge. The area is only meant to be seen from afar and cannot be accessed by normal means.


3D Universe

Upstate was first referenced in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In Shoreside Vale, there are two road tunnels are located inside Cedar Ridge to the north of the Cedar Grove neighborhood and to the east of Cochrane Dam, which according to the signs in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, leads to Upstate. The tunnels do connect to each other at an underground T-junction, where another tunnel branching off at the intersection leads to Upstate.

Originally, as stated in Grand Theft Auto III, both Lazlow Jones and Fernando Martinez claimed to be from Upstate Liberty, though this was retconned in the HD Universe canon.

Close to the edge of Liberty City in GTA III, an easter egg consisting of several names that can be seen on the radar: Chris's Town, Gary's Town, Adamton, Obbeburgh, Woodcunty, Les County, and Aaronsville, all of which were named after some of the programmers and developers of the game.

The fact that these are named as towns indicates that they are depicting a rural upstate area with many small towns, emulating Upstate New York.

Name Programmer name Position
Aaronsville Aaron Garbut Art Director
Adamton Adam Fowler, Adam Cochrane Technical Direction, 3D Artist
Chris'sTown Chris Rothwell Design By
Garystown Gary McAdam 3D Artist
Les County Leslie Benzies Producer
Obbeburgh Obbe Vermeij Technical Direction
Woodcunty Alisdair Wood

HD Universe

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HD Universe

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