The Unnamed Beta Gang (unofficialy named) was a possible beta gang in Grand Theft Auto III. Their role is unknown.


The gang can be seen on some early screenshots of GTA III. They have bandanas with a flag on their heads or regular bandanas, similiar to the ones which the Diablos wear, and have dark blue cloth-jackets, jeans shorts with green ends and a white stripe with black stars on them and black-white sneakers. On one screenshot they can be seen carrying a Baseball Bat and standing near a Hum Vee, the beta Patriot.

Possible final version

It is possible that this gang is a very early version of the Diablos or the Triads, however it is unknown. They may be also the beta Liberty City Terrorist.

Judging from the images and the locations of them, this gang could have been a beta idea for BOTH gangs at different points in development, or just the one gang with experimental ideas for territory. Which might be the reason we see this beta design in what is now the current Diablo and Triad areas.

Yet another possibility is that this gang was intended to be the Zaibatsu Corporation, a crime syndicate introduced in Grand Theft Auto 2 that is also mentioned in radio advertisements in GTA III and in Liberty Tree articles on the GTA III website. Evidence supporting this include early screenshots of the game that displayed the presence of Zaibatsu posters and crates in the Chinatown district, where the beta gang was meant to spawn.


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