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The University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA, USALS), also referred to as The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, is a university located between Richman Street and Picture Perfect Drive in Richman, Los Santos. ULSA is based on the real life University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The university consists of a small campus set in northern Los Santos. There are two unnamed buildings at the campus' main entrance which are likely either classrooms or administrative offices. Stylistically, one of these buildings is based on UCLA's Powell Library, while the other is based on UCLA's Kaplan Hall. There is a Training Center, based on UCLA's Acosta Athletic Training Complex, next to another unnamed building that is architecturally similar to UCLA's basketball arena, the Pauley Pavilion, before its 2012 renovation. The campus also features a track-and-field complex, based on UCLA's Drake Stadium.

During the day time, a bell can be heard marking the start and end of class times, and students as well as staff members can be seen walking around the campus. Security Guards can also be seen patrolling the campus or assigned designated areas to ensure the safety of the staff and students.

The university also has an annexe building, located on Marathon Avenue in Morningwood, and is based on the UCLA Extension - Lindbrook Center in Westwood, Los Angeles[1].

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

Organization Work

  • Executive Search - Possible hideout area in which a VIP or CEO must survive for 10 minutes.

Freemode Events

Heist Prep

Notable Alumni

Notable Students


Grand Theft Auto V



  • ULSA was first mentioned in the Grand Theft Auto IV series in a rant by talk-show host John Smith of the show "Conspire" on the WKTT Radio. Smith claims that Nazi scientists developing population control techniques ended up at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos after the Second World War. The program is heard in the DLCs (The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony).
    • ULSA is also mentioned in a Weazel News report in Grand Theft Auto IV, with ULSA's women's gymnastics coach apparently being implicated in a sexual harassment scandal.
  • In Sue Murry's San Andreas Election Campaign video, the university's training center was used as a school called Los Santos Elementary.
  • According to Lester Crest's dialoge during Heist Prep: EMP Device, he had in the past applied for a computer science professorship with ULSA, but was denied. As revenge, he hacked into their staff server and left a backdoor "so wide a drunken freshman could stumble through it".
  • The Latin motto pictured on the university seal "quisque comoedus est resumo ad nauseam" roughly translates to "Every comedian is renewed forever".
  • Some pedestrians can be heard referencing "UCLS" in idle dialogue or while speaking on their mobile phones. This is a developer oversight, as "UCLS" would seemingly stand for University of California, Los Santos.

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