The National Guard Depot in Ocean Docks, Los Santos, San Andreas.

WikipediaThe United States National Guard is involved in the Grand Theft Auto series on many occasions during the Grand Theft Auto III Era. They are the reserve force of the United States military.

San Andreas

The National Guard had its own "territory" by some warehouses in Ocean Docks, Los Santos. There they store weaponry, vehicles, and ammunition. In the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, Ryder and CJ managed to break through the gates and steal crates of weapons. When the player gains a six star wanted level the National Guard will give chase in Barracks OLs and Rhinos. It is assumed that this is the State of San Andreas' own "division" of the National Guard.

Liberty City Stories

They were called to investigate the destruction of Fort Staunton in Staunton Island, which they reported was due to explosions caused by weapons underground - which was actually true.

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