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The map displaying all Unique Stunt Jumps in Liberty City in GTA IV.

"Jump to a new level of spirituality."
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Unique Stunt Jumps (also known as Insane Stunts in 2D Universe, Unique Jumps in 3D Universe and Stunt Jumps in GTA IV) are a feature in every Grand Theft Auto game since GTA III (with the exception of GTA Advance).


An Unique Stunt Jump involves using a vehicle to jump off a ramp of some sort. Some unique jumps require landing in a certain area, for example, a roof of a building. Some jumps may be close to obstacles, and hitting them in-flight may lead to failing the jump. Repeating a completed jump does not award the player money, but the player may still be treated with a cinematic view of the jump.

If your vehicle hits the takeoff area in more-or-less the right direction, the game switches to slow-motion (which is the main way t distinguish a unique stunt jump from a non-unique jump). If the jump was successful, a message about that will appear after landing; if the jump was failed, no message will appear.

Most jumps require high speed, and it is recommended to use the fastest motorbike in the game, such as PCJ-600 (Vice City), NRG-500 (San Andreas), NRG-900 (GTA IV). Sometimes leaning forward on the bike may be needed for increased speed. Alternatively, a fast car such as an Infernus equipped with nitro (if available) may be used. However, in some jumps, too much speed may lead to overshooting the landing area.

2D Universe

In Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, they were called "Insane Stunt Bonus" and often were pretty big jumps. An announcer would call out when you successfully jumped one.

In GTA, there are four spots where Insane Stunt Bonus can be achieved, all of them in San Andreas (West Telephone Hill, toward South: 13, 51; between Marina and Sunview docks, toward North: 42, 194, and South: 42, 201; Northeast Sunrise, toward South: 182, 44). A successful jump gives $50,000. They are not necessary for the 100% completion of the chapters.

3D Universe

Stunt jumps are absent in Grand Theft Auto Advance.


There are 20 stunt jumps spread throughout Liberty City: eight in Portland, four on Staunton Island, and eight in Shoreside Vale.

Completing a jump in GTA III adds $5,000 into each jump award (for the n-th jump, $5000*n). Completing all 20 jumps awards the player $1,000,000.

GTA Vice City

There are 36 unique jumps in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and are most easily completed using the PCJ-600 motorcycle.

GTA Vice City's gives incremental rewards for unique jumps (for the n-th jump, $100*n), and completing the 36th jump awards $10,000.

On the iOS and Android versions of GTA Vice City, when the player completes a jump they have already completed, they are given the "Stunt Already Completed" message.

GTA San Andreas

There are 70 unique stunt jumps in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The game has two different stats: 'Unique Stunt Jumps found' which tracks the number of jumps attempted (with slow-motion appearing); and 'Unique Stunt Jumps done' for those completed successfully.

The reward for each unique jump is $500.

Completing Unique Jumps in GTA San Andreas is not necessary for 100% completion. Some missions, such as Small Town Bank and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, involve jumping off a ramp assigned for unique jump; however, these missions do not require performing the jump cleanly enough for Unique Stunt requirements.

GTA Liberty City Stories

There are 26 stunt jumps in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. They are spread evenly throughout the three islands.

Completing the first jump awards $100 and unlocks the "Underwear Outfit". Completing succeeding jumps adds $250 to the reward pool (for the n-th jump, $100+($250*(n-1))). Completing the final jump rewards the player with $10,000 instead of the standard incremental reward.

GTA Vice City Stories

The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories differ in the number of jumps. The PSP version contains 30 Stunts, and the PS2 version contains 36.

Completing each stunt jump rewards the player $250. Completing the final jump awards $10,000.

Completed jumps may be displayed on the radar.

HD Universe


Main article: Stunt Jumps in GTA IV

In the Grand Theft Auto IV version of Liberty City, there are 50 stunt jumps. Completing all 50 will bring the player two ticks closer to 100%. Completing all 50 unlocks the Daredevil achievement, awarding 30 gamerscore on the Xbox 360 and PC or a silver trophy on the PlayStation 3. There is no monetary reward for jumps.

The cinematics that trigger from performing these stunt jumps are still available in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, but are otherwise not relevant to the episodes' gameplay.

GTA Chinatown Wars

One of the Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts billboards that marks a Unique Stunt Jump in GTA Chinatown Wars.

Each Unique Stunt Jump in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars requires the player to destroy one of 30 wooden Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts billboards with a vehicle. If a previously destroyed billboard is revisited, it is shown as shoddily-repaired, which indicates that this jumps was already completed.

There is no reward for completing the stunt jumps aside from 100% completion.

Completed jumps may be displayed on the radar.


Main article: Stunt Jumps in GTA V

There are 50 stunt jumps around the state that can be completed by any of the three protagonists, but only 25 are needed for 100% completion. Completing all 50 earns an achievement.



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