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My God! The guy! What's-his-name! They shot him. Jesus fucking Christ!
— The cameraman witnessing the assassination of Steve Haines.

The Underbelly of Paradise Cameraman (real name either Bryan Thananberg or Eddie Rosenswag) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


He is a man filming the CNT TV show, The Underbelly Of Paradise, working with Steve Haines. The show credits include two camera operators, so he could be either of them.

Events of GTA V

When Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton team up one last time to take down their enemies once and for all, Lester Crest tracks Steve Haines to the Del Perro Pier, where he and the cameraman are filming the TV show, The Underbelly Of Paradise on the Ferris Whale. In order to not affiliate any known associates to the target, Trevor is sent to assassinate Haines. When Trevor arrives, Lester patches him into his radio, allowing him to hear Haines and the cameraman filming the show, often with Haines stopping to complain about the script and other things. As Trevor shoots Haines, the cameraman jumps back in horror. The cameraman can be killed without mission failing if the player shoots him first, then quickly shoots Haines when he ducks, although if this option is taken, the cutscene of the cameraman's reaction will not play. He can also be killed without mission failing if the player shoots Haines with a long range explosive weapon, such as a Rocket Launcher or a Homing Launcher, as he will be caught in the blast.

After the death of Haines, the TV show continues with Dave Norton as a presenter, presumably with the same cameraman if he survives.

Mission Appearances

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