The Turtle Head Fishing Company is a company presumably specializing in fisheries, based in a factory in Callahan Point, Portland Island, and a warehouse in Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale. Both branches only appear in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance, however, the Callahan Point location plays a role in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


In 2001, the Turtle Head Fishing Company warehouse in Callahan Point is being used as a front for the Triads. During the war between the Leone Family and the Triads, Claude is ordered by Toni to blow up the factory using a rigged Trashmaster. Once the factory is destroyed, the war between the Leone Family and Triads ceases. In Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, there is another factory owned by Turtle Head Fishing Company, but it's unknown if it is also a front for the Triads.

In 1998, three years before 2001, it is used as the Leone Family's drug factory and is owned by the Leone Family. When Don Salvatore Leone sends Toni Cipriani to collect some money, the Triads managed to destroy the building. Toni goes around the factory to collect the money before it burns, killing Triads along the way and manages to escape. However, sometime before 2001, the factory's ruins had been reconstructed and bought out by Turtle Head. In the same year, KLÜNT owns the Pike Creek warehouse, which is also bought out by the company by 2001.

Notable appearances

  • Blow Fish (Grand Theft Auto III) - Where you need to destroy the Triad Warehouse using the Trashmaster.
  • The Trouble with Triads (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories) - Where you need to collect the scattered money and escape the facility.



  • Though the gate to the factory is closed, the workers in there are armed with pistols.
  • The direct Chinese translation of "Turtle Head" is "龜頭", which means penis in spoken Cantonese.
  • After completing "Blow Fish", Triads stop spawning in and around the area, although their trucks will keep spawing around the roads of the area.
  • In the UK, turtle head is slang for desperately trying not to excrete.
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