Turntables on the Hudson is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that plays worldbeat music.


The station is named after the music festival of the same name, and features music mainly from artists Nickodemus (one of the founders of the festival) and Zeb, a long time guest of the festival. It is only available on the PSP, iOS and Android versions of the game.


Song: Preview:
"2 Sips & Magic" by Nickodemus (2009)
"Brooklyn Ole" by Nickodemus & Osiris (2001)
"Toe to Toe" by Zeb (2009)
"Sun Children (Instrumental)" by Nickodemus (2009
"La Lluvia (Instrumental" by Nickodemus & Quantic (2009)
"Bellies & Brass" by Nickodemus & Zeb (2007)
"Revolutionary Dreams" by Zeb (2006)
"Afro Disco" (Infragandhi & Cameleon Selecta Remix)" by Zeb (2008)
"Turbo Jeepsy" by Zeb (2007)
"Balkany & Flowers" by Zeb (2007)



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