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The Turismo races are a set of races in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories that require either a bike or a car. These races are unlocked after completing the storyline mission "When Funday Comes". There are a total of nine races with 5 being located in the mainland by Sunshine Autos in Little Havana and the other four in the fairground in Vice Point (these missions don't become available until after "From Zero to Hero"). Three races in the mainland and two on the beach are bike races whereas the other four are car races. It might also be interesting to note that the opponent racers always use a PCJ-600 or a random sports car. Sometimes some of the cars may appear in unique colors that can't be seen otherwise anywhere else in the game. As with the races in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the bike races are more difficult than those in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas due to Vic's propensity of being thrown from the bike after hitting the slightest obstacle and for the most part the courses are short enough -- and some only require 1 lap -- that any delay of this nature can result in a loss.

The Turismo races are unique among GTA III race missions in that it costs money for each attempt at the race. If a race is failed, Victor has to return to either Sunshine Autos or the fairground to trigger another attempt (paying the entry fee again), and then return back to the starting point of the race.


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