This article or section refers to content that is no longer available in
Grand Theft Auto Online

"Two trucks out by the Alamo Sea are loaded with a type of high-value cargo that certain people are determined to sabotage at all costs. Deliver the trucks safely to their destinations and your efforts won't go unnoticed."

Truck Together is a mission available to the player in Grand Theft Auto Online. Whilst heavily implied it is a mission given by Lester Crest, it is not offered via a phone message but started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's Radar) at the truck nearby on Joshua Road, Sandy Shores in GTA Online freemode.


Minimum 4 players split into 2 teams (at least 2 as truck drivers "Transporters", minimum 2 as "Defenders") to steal and deliver 2 trucks. The teams are required to collect 2 Mule trucks from Sandy Shores and deliver them to Lester's warehouse nearly 4 miles away. The teams will be chased by NPCs in Patriot SUVs and 2 Maverick helicopters. 

Mission Objectives

  • Get in a truck
  • Deliver the truck to Lester's Warehouse.


  • This mission appears to have disappeared entirely after Title Update 1.15. The corona no longer appears and it is not on the pause menu list.


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