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Ray: "Phil you remember Niko, he's a good friend of mine. Can we talk?"
Phil: "Sure we can talk... as long as we don't talk too much. Interesting times, you know what I mean? Did you hear about our friend, the guy with the thing?"
Ray: "Yeah, you mean Harry the... guy with the hat."
Phil: "No the guy with the, y'know, the budda beep budda boop."
Ray: "Yeah the guy with the... and the -"
Phil: "Yeah that guy."
Ray: "Yeah. I heard."
—Conversation between Ray and Phil at the beginning of mission.

Truck Hustle is the first mission the player does for Phil Bell in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Bell asks Niko to steal a truck filled with heroin from the Triads.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the alley.
  • Steal the truck.
  • The truck is escaping. Move to its rear to grab on.
  • Make your way to the front of the truck.
  • Drive the truck to the old mansion.


After the cutscene, the player must head to an alley beside Long John Avenue. The next cutscene will be triggered upon arriving at the yellow marker, showing the Triads arriving. The task is to steal a Mule in which the heroin is loaded. The player is soon involved in a shootout.

Niko battles with the Triads

The player must fight the goons and steal the truck using any means necessary. After some fighting, a goon gets in the truck and starts driving away. Niko must run after it and a cutscene plays showing Niko grabbing onto the moving truck.

The player must then repeatedly tap the Run button to make Niko climb the truck. As Niko is climbing, the player must use the controls shown to keep a good grip on the truck. As the truck swerves, Niko is likely to fall to one side of the truck. To quickly get back on the truck, the player must tap the run/sprint button repeatedly. Once Niko gets to the front of the truck's roof, a cutscene starts. Niko smashes open the passenger window and gets into the truck. The Triad tries to shoot Niko with a handgun, while Niko fights back with the gun and manages to turn it around and shoot the Triad in the head.

Once Niko kills the driver, he drives the truck away. The player must follow the GPS after having a conversation with Bell on the phone and go up Frankie's hill. The hill path will lead straight to him, and in the ending cutscene Niko hands over the drugs.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 4 - Mission 72 - Truck Hustle (1080p)


  • After the Triads arrive and before opening fire, if the player calls Dwayne Forge for backup, those two backups will start shooting every Triad in range, and the Triads will just stand still until their death, or Niko shows himself. This glitch does not work on PC.


  • Right after the first cutscene, Ray Boccino can be seen driving off, saying goodbye to Niko. If the player attempts to steal Ray's car, the player is unable to do so, as the doors are locked. It is also impossible to destroy Ray’s car.
  • It is possible to run towards the truck and steal it without killing the Triads, although they will shoot at Niko and the truck will drive off.
  • The truck driver cannot be killed before the cutscene in any way even if the player performs headshots. The truck's tires are also impervious to bullet fire. The truck itself cannot be stolen or driven before the cutscene. The Triads' cars also cannot be stolen.
  • It is actually incredibly difficult to lose the truck, as it drives slowly and generally drives properly, allowing the player to run across street corners and through alleyways to keep up through sprinting. The truck driver will drive around Westdyke at the start of the chase, but will eventually begin to drive randomly throughout Leftwood and the rest of Alderney. While it is in Westdyke, there will be no traffic, but once it begins to drive randomly, traffic will appear and the truck driver will occasionally even crash.
  • In this mission, it is not possible to fall off the truck (as seen in this video at minute 10:54).
  • The sequence when Niko moves up to the cab and the cutscene where Niko breaks the window with his feet and swings in is probably a reference to the same stunt done in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • This mission follows the events of the Lost and Damned mission, This Shit's Cursed.
  • If the player has not completed Derrick McReary's missions before this mission, then this will be the first mission in Alderney.
  • The music playing during the mission cutscene is "Night and Day" by Charlie Parker, which is also featured on Jazz Nation Radio 108.5.