The Truck Cab SX is a truck featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The Truck Cab SX is a large semi-trailer truck that is presumably a larger and beefier variant of the Truck Cab, distinguishable by its rounder profile, a pair of single roof-mounted lights, and a generally wider and long dimension than a regular Truck Cab. Like the Truck Cab, the Truck Cab SX is capable of attaching to and pulling trailers, one of only two vehicles in the game capable of doing so.


Grand Theft Auto 2

Due to its larger build, the Truck Cab SX is slower than the Truck Cab but is generally the same in terms of steering and braking as the Truck Cab. When attaching to a trailer, the truck's generally speed is also reduced, as are its steering, which becomes much heavier; similarly, reverses while pulling a trailer are equally difficult.

Like the Truck Cab, the Truck Cab SX cannot be crushed.

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Grand Theft Auto 2

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