The tritagonist is the third most important character in a narrative, after the protagonist and deuteragonist.

Many tritagonists in the GTA series have a lot in common. In most games, tritagonists have never met the protagonist before and start to know them better through the missions that they give to them. Some tritagonists are closely associated with a deuteragonist such as Asuka Kasen and Little Jacob. Some tritagonists who have known the protagonist for a while are Ashley Butler, Hsin Jaoming, and all of the tritagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.

In several games, the protagonist, deuteragonist, and tritagonist are all seen together at least once. Exceptions to this are Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and The Lost and Damned where the three main characters are not all seen together at any point. Grand Theft Auto V is also the first game to have multiple tritagonists.

List of prominent tritagonists

Asuka Kasen
Asuka Kasen is the tritagonist of Grand Theft Auto III. Asuka is first introduced to Claude by Maria Latore who is a close friend of her. Claude drives them in a boat to Asuka's condo. Asuka reveals that she is the co-leader of the Yakuza, and has Claude murder Salvatore Leone, and then has him deal with the Mafia spies. Claude completes some more errands for her, and her brother Kenji is later secretly killed by Claude. Asuka believes the murderer to be a member of the Columbian Cartel. She later meets Claude in a building which is under construction and begins to torture Miguel. She has Claude complete some more errands for her, and is later killed by Catalina along with Miguel.
Mission appearances: Last Requests, Sayonara Salvatore, Under Surveillance, Paparazzi Purge, Payday For Ray, Two-Faced Tanner, Grand Theft Aero, Bait, Espresso-2-Go!, S.A.M., Ransom (Deceased)
Lance Vance
Lance Vance is the tritagonist and secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Lance flies his brother Victor Vance, protagonist of GTA VCS, to a drug deal with the Forelli Crime Family. However, the deal is ambushed, and Victor, Harry, and Lee are killed. Lance manages to safely fly away. He later meets Tommy Vercetti, who was also at the drug deal, after he kills Leo Teal. They are chased by more chefs, and they manage to escape in Lance's car. Lance tells Tommy where he can find Ammu-Nation, and leaves. Later, Lance helps Tommy defend Ricardo Diaz in an attacked drug deal with the Cubans. Lance also helps Tommy attack the Sharks, on orders from Diaz, by flying the helicopter with Tommy riding and shooting. Lance helps Tommy again when Tommy drives a speedboat in a race to get weapons and cargo for Diaz. He later drives the boat while Tommy shoots at enemies, and they succeed in their mission. Lance later realizes that Diaz was responsible for the death of his brother, and tries to attack him. He fails, and is captured by Diaz' men. Tommy rescues him from being tortured and takes him to a hospital. Lance meets Tommy outside Diaz' mansion, and they attack it, armed with powerful M4 Rifles. Eventually, they kill Diaz and take over his business. Afterwards, they start a protection racket, and Lance informs Tommy that some stores in the North Point Mall are refusing to pay. Tommy goes to deal with them. Lance tells Tommy that a bar is refusing to pay, and Tommy goes to take care of it. Lance tells Tommy that Mike planted a bomb in a cafe in the mall, but it failed to detonate. Tommy and Lance get cop's outfits, and go to finish the job. Lance is also seen in the mission Hit The Courier talking with Earnest Kelly. After Tommy deals with Forelli members trying to tax his businesses, Lance calls him and tells him about some trouble going on. Tommy returns to his mansion and meets Ken and Lance, and they tell him that Sonny Forelli is coming from Liberty City to get the money Tommy lost earlier in the drug deal. When Sonny arrives, Lance reveals that he left Tommy for Sonny and informs Sonny about the counterfeit cash and where the real cash is. Tommy chases Lance to the roof of his mansion, and kills him, and later kills Sonny as well.
Mission appearances: In The Beginning..., Back Alley Brawl, Guardian Angels, Phnom Penh '86, Supply & Demand, Death Row, Rub Out, Shakedown, Bar Brawl, Cop Land, Hit The Courier, Keep Your Friends Close... (Betrayal/Killed)
Cesar Vialpando
Cesar Vialpando is the tritagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Cesar is the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas, and the boyfriend of Kendl Johnson, Carl's sister. Carl first meets Cesar after the former wins a low-rider competition. They argue for a little, but then one of Cesar's friends tries to fight Carl. Cesar stops him and things calm down. Cesar later meets Carl again for a low-rider race. Carl wins the race, and later, Cesar tells Carl that Big Smoke and Ryder have betrayed him to C.R.A.S.H.. Carl leaves to help his brother Sweet in a gunfight with the Ballas, but then Sweet is shot, and they are later arrested and Carl is taken to Whetstone. Carl tells Cesar to make sure Kendl is safe. Cesar and Kendl later meet Carl and Cesar is angry about what happened in Los Santos. Cesar tells Carl to work with his cousin Catalina, and later arrives late to a race with Carl and Wu Zi Mu. Cesar also gives a mission to Carl involving racing with Catalina and her new boyfriend Claude, although Cesar himself does not appear. Cesar later meets Carl in a garage he won as a reward for the race, and helps improve the garage. Kendl later gets angry because some construction workers were bothering her. Cesar offers to attack them, but Carl deals with them instead. Cesar later tells Carl that he has been tracking a Ballas car from San Fierro to acquire cocaine, and helps Carl snap photos of Ryder, T-Bone Mendez, Jizzy B., and Mike Toreno. Cesar later gives a Silenced 9mm to Carl so he can kill Jizzy B.. After Carl kills Jizzy, Cesar tells him to meet him at Pier 69. Cesar and Carl attack the Loco Syndicate with help from the San Fierro Triads. They kill T-Bone Mendez, and Carl kills Ryder. Cesar later tells Carl that Ryder once tried to bang Kendl. Carl finishes off the Loco Syndicate by destroying their crack factory. Between King in Exile and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, Cesar frequently calls Carl and tells him that Carl can steal cash which is being sent from Big Smoke to the Loco Syndicate. Afterwards, if Carl completes Driving School and buys the Wang Cars Showroom, Cesar will give him a mission involving stealing a Uranus using Zero's Alpha and a PIT maneuver. Cesar later helps Carl steal a Sultan and an Elegy from Otto's Autos. Then, they steal a Jester from a freighter ship using a crane, and they fight off the security. Cesar then sends Carl to steal a Stratum using a Tampa equipped with Spike Strips. Cesar later helps Carl steal a Tanker on orders from Mike Toreno, who was seemingly killed earlier. Carl's brother Sweet is later released from prison. Cesar, along with several other people, later sits in the living room of Madd Dogg's Crib watching the news about Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski being charged with a number of crimes. All the charges against Tenpenny have been dropped and he has been released from prison. Tenpenny's acquittal outrages the public, causing a number of riots to erupt. Cesar later arrives at Sweet's House, and meets Carl and Sweet. Cesar asks for help from Carl about getting his gang back together. They drive to Unity Station with two GSF members and meet up with members of the VLA. They fight the Vagos in El Corona, and retake the area. Cesar later accompanies Carl, Sweet, Kendl, and The Truth when they see Tenpenny dying after he drives a Fire Truck off a bridge over Ganton. They head over to The Johnson House, and they are met by Ken, Madd Dogg, Maccer, and Kent Paul. Madd Dogg then announces to everyone that he got their first gold record, and everyone cheers.
Mission appearances: Cesar Vialpando, High Stakes, Low Rider, The Green Sabre, Body Harvest, King In Exile, Wu Zi Mu, Farewell, My Love..., Wear Flowers in Your Hair, Deconstruction, Photo Opportunity, Ice Cold Killa, Pier 69, Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, Zeroing In, Test Drive, Customs Fast Track, Puncture Wounds, Highjack, Riot, Los Desperados, End of the Line
Donald Love
Donald Love is the tritagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Donald is the wealthy, though cannibalistic, owner of the Love Media conglomerate, and the former protege of Avery Carrington. Love enters the race to become the mayor of Liberty City after R.C. Hole is assassinated by Toni Cipriani. He starts to work for Salvatore Leone, and he first meets Toni in the mission The Morgue Party Candidate, where he has him steal a corpse for him to feast on. Love then orders Toni to use a Campaign Rumpo to campaign for Donald Love. Afterwards, Donald then sends Toni to kill a number of people campaigning for Miles O'Donovan, Love's rival in the mayor election. Love then tells Toni that the Forelli Crime Family owns a share of the company making the voting machines. He instructs Toni to use a flamethrower to destroy fake ballot papers and kill Forelli members. Donald and Toni then ride in the former's limousine, and are ambushed by the Forellis. Toni kills them and takes Love back to his apartment. Later, Donald tells Toni that the polls are down to the wire, and tasks him to steal the uncounted ballot papers and replace them with their own. Love then informs Toni that O'Donovan has evidence connecting him to Salvatore. Toni retrieves the evidence in a van after killing O'Donovan's men, and takes it back to Love's apartment. Unfortunately, it is revealed that Donald lost the mayor election to O'Donovan, and has gone bankrupt. After Toni kills Paulie Sindacco, the Don of the Sindacco Crime Family, Love calls him, and tells him to meet him at a flophouse where Love is now residing. Donald discusses his plan to become rich again, to re-develop Fort Staunton. Donald tells Toni that his ex-mentor, Avery Carrington, has the plans. They kill Avery and steal the plans. Afterwards, Love informs Toni that a reporter witnessed them killing Avery. Toni heads off to deal with the photos and the reporter. Then, Donald wants to hold a new morgue party and needs the corpses of Avery and Ned Burner if he is to dine. Donald and Toni head off to collect one of the corpses and take it to Love's hangar at the airport. Toni then leaves to get the other. Love then instructs Toni to meet 8-Ball, an explosives expert, to get explosives so they can destroy Fort Staunton. 8-Ball needs $20,000 to cover expenses. After Toni gives him the required money and kills Kazuki Kasen, 8-Ball calls Toni and tells him that the explosives are ready. Donald then phones 8-Ball and Toni and tells the latter that the weakest points of Fort Staunton are along the old subway tunnels. Toni drives the van carrying the explosives down the Porter Tunnel and is attacked by the Forellis in their cars. Toni manages to elude them and head into the subway tunnels. Toni kills any construction workers who are witnesses, and plants the bombs along the tunnels. He is attacked by Forellis but manages to fight them off. He then escapes in a vehicle just as the bombs explode, demolishing Fort Staunton. Afterwards, Donald buys himself a mansion in Cedar Grove, and Toni meets him there. Love tells him that the Colombian Cartel are coming to kill him unless he pays them off. Toni and Donald leave the mansion and they are attacked by the Cartel. Toni deals with them, and drives Love to the airport. Donald bids farewell to Toni and leaves on an aeroplane with the corpses of Avery and Ned aboard as an in-flight dinner for Love.
Mission appearances: The Morgue Party Candidate, Steering the Vote, Cam-Pain, Friggin' the Riggin', Love and Bullets, Counterfeit Count, Love on the Rocks, Panlantic Land Grab, Stop the Press, Morgue Party Resurrection, Bringing the House Down, Love on the Run
Louise Cassidy-Williams
Louise Cassidy-Williams is the tritagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Louise is the abused wife of Marty Jay Williams who is the head of the Trailer Park Mafia, the mother of Mary-Beth Williams, and the sister of Phil Cassidy and Mary-Jo Cassidy. She first meets Victor Vance when he arrives at Marty's trailer to find work. Marty is nowhere to be found at first, but then he arrives in his truck and threatens his wife and daughter with violence, much to Vic's displeasure. Louise meets Vic again while excercising and watching TV. Then Marty arrives and abuses Louise verbally. Afterwards, Louise leaves with Mary-Beth to live with her sister Mary-Jo. Later, Vic meets Louise in her sister's apartment, and the two bond over similarly unfortunate lives. The two leave to compete in a quad bike race with members of the Trailer Park Mafia. Vic wins the race. Later, Louise reveals that she left some of Mary-Beth's things at Marty's trailer. Vic and Louise head for the trailer park, but are confronted by a number of Marty's men. Together, they fight and kill the men, and Louise enters the trailer and retrieves her daughter's belongings as well as Marty's wallet. Vic returns to Mary-Jo's apartment to meet Louise, but she is nowhere to be found. Then Mary-Jo appears and informs Vic that Marty kidnapped Louise. Vic heads over to the Trailer Park, and finds Marty forcing his wife into his truck, saying that he'll turn his wife into a prostitute in his brothel in Little Haiti. Marty drives away and Vic is attacked by Marty's henchmen. Vic kills them and chases after Marty with more goons chasing after him. Vic stops Marty's truck and kills him, much to Louise's shock. Vic gets in the truck and drives to The Compound, his new safehouse. Louise drives away in the truck. Afterwards, Louise tells Vic that he should take over Marty's businesses. They head over to Sunshine Autos and recruit two goons. They head over to Marty's Loan Shark business and kill all the Trailer Park Mafia gang-members there. Louise recruits more goons and they take over all of the empire businesses, finishing off the Trailer Park Mafia in the process. Vic can now run his own gang, the Vance Crime Family. Later, Vic heads over to Mary-Jo's apartment and Louise informs him that Marty's cousin has burned the brothel in Little Haiti. They steal a Fire Truck, and they water out the fires in the brothel. Then Marty's cousin shows up and Vic kills him. Later, in Louise's last mission, she informs Vic that the welfare is threatening to take Mary-Beth off her if she doesn't put out. Louise sent some thugs to kill the welfare man, so Vic kills them and intimidates the welfare man into leaving Louise alone. Later, Louise drops by Lance's apartment, and meets Vic and his brother Lance Vance. Louise says that she and Lance got high together which angers Vic. After a long argument, Louise leaves. Vic later returns to Lance's apartment, and receives a phone call from Louise who informs him that Jerry Martinez' henchmen have been following her and she is forced to hide behind a King Knuts in Little Haiti. She angrily hangs up and Vic is forced to hurry over to Little Haiti. He goes to pick up Louise but then she is heard screaming from a Sentinel and Vic is attacked by Martinez' goons. Vic rushes to Downtown and searches for Louise. He eventually finds where Louise is kidnapped and finds her savagely beaten. Vic takes her to the nearby hospital. Vic returns to Lance's apartment and Lance tells him that Martinez is going to kidnap Louise again the moment she gets out of the hospital. Vic heads to the hospital and meets Louise. Vic then receives a pager message from Lance telling him that he's trapped in a burning building and to bring a helicopter. Vic and Louise take the Air Ambulance at the hospital and they head over the building in Ocean Beach. They save Lance and he tells them that he has been attacked by Martinez' goons and they stole his money. They attack Martinez' boats and Lance, riding in the chopper, fires at them. When all the goons are dead, Lance jumps in one of the boats and leaves while Vic takes Louise back to her sister's apartment. After Vic helps defend Phil Collins from the Forelli crime family, Louise pages him to meet her at Lance's apartment but when Vic arrives, she is nowhere to be found. Then Mary-Jo shows up and tells them that Louise has been kidnapped by the Mendez Cartel. Vic and Lance head off to rescue Louise and they are attacked by some goons who destroy Lance's car. They drive off and Lance chases after them on his motorcycle. Vic assists Lance in a long car chase which ends at the Mendez Mansion. Lance attacks the place but is then captured. Vic kills all of the goons at the mansion and then enters the mansion from the back. He confronts Armando Mendez, armed with a flamethrower. Vic kills him and heads upstairs where he finds Lance and a badly injured Louise. Louise appreciates that Vic came for her and says that they could have had something special. Vic says that they did have something special. Louise tells Vic to make sure Mary-Jo takes care of Mary-Beth, and dies from her wounds.
Mission appearances: Shakedown, Fear the Repo, When Funday Comes, Takin' Out the White Trash, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., To Victor, the Spoils, Hose the Hoes, Robbing the Cradle, White Lies, Where it Hurts Most, Lost and Found, Light My Pyre (Killed)
"Little" Jacob Hughes
"Little" Jacob Hughes is the tritagonist and a friend of Grand Theft Auto IV. Jacob is a close friend of Real Badman and Roman Bellic. Niko Bellic first meets him when Roman tells him to pick up Jacob and Niko helps Jacob in a drug deal gone wrong. They fight off multiple gangsters and Niko takes Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe. Niko meets Jacob again at the latter's apartment, and Jacob asks him to help in a drug deal in case if things go wrong. Niko helps kill the dealers as they don't have drugs and just want money. Niko and Jacob then head over to an apartment in Savannah Avenue to get back at the people who set the deal up. They break into the apartment and kill everyone inside, shooting at them. Niko then takes Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe. Afterwards, Niko returns to Jacobs apartment and is suddenly pinned down by Real Badman, Jacob's friend. Jacob assures Badman that Niko is friendly and then informs Niko that dealers are dealing drugs on their turf and they are not getting any profits from them. Badman wants Niko to head to Wallkill Avenue in Fortside and follow a dealer to the supplier. Niko finds the dealer and follows him to an apartment. and Niko follows him up the stairs. Niko finds the dealer with two friends and kills all three of them, then calls Jacob and tells him that the competition is finished. Afterwards, Jacob is now available as a friend for Niko to hang out with, and if his fondness is high enough, he offers to deliver weapons to Niko using his car. Niko can also perform jobs for Jacob involving drug deliveries. Jacob later meets Niko at an abandoned warehouse in East Hook to meet with Dimitri Rascalov for a payment after Mikhail Faustin's assassination. Jacob agrees to help in case if things go wrong. When Niko is talking with Dimitri, Ray Bulgarin shows up and several gangsters surround Niko. Dimitri and Bulgarin run off and Jacob helps Niko in the gunfight with Dimitri's henchmen. They manage to escape the warehouse, but are chased by the police, though, they manage to evade them, and Niko takes Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe. Later, Jacob is seen arguing with Elizabeta Torres and Elizabeta blames Jacob for the loss of her coke. The buyers that Jacob had found was the Angels of Death who ripped him off because the coke had been stolen from them in the first place. Niko heads over the old hospital in Colony Island, and after a long fight, manages to retrieve the coke and escape. Niko meets Jacob in Chase Point and they are met by Michelle, Niko's girlfriend, who reveals that she is a government agent working for United Liberty Paper, and confiscates the coke. In the mission Have a Heart, Jacob calls Niko and asks if he can eat with him, but Niko says no and says that "he's already hanging out with two friends" (Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton who are both dead). Later, Jacob helps Niko in the mission Paper Trail where he helps fire a rocket launcher at Eduard Borodin's helicopter while Niko is flying. Jacob eventually manages to hit the helicopter with a rocket, destroying it and killing Borodin. Afterwards, Niko drops Jacob off. Jacob calls Niko in the mission I'll Take Her and asks if he can go to a strip club. Niko turns it down and says that "he's already hanging out with a girl" (Gracie Ancelotti who has been knocked unconscious). Jacob appears later in the mission Mr. and Mrs. Bellic. In the Deal ending, an assassin sneaks up behind Niko and tries to kill him, but fails and gets killed himself. However, the assassin fired a stray bullet which killed Roman. Niko does not take his cousin's death well and repeatedly fires bullets into the assassin's corpse. When the gun is empty, Niko starts kicking the corpse. Jacob rushes over to calm him down and promises to help find Dimitri who sent the assassin. Later, Jacob phones Niko and tells him that he found some of Jimmy Pegorino's men in Koresh Square in Alderney. Niko meets Jacob in a car and the two henchmen enter an SUV and Niko chases after them. Eventually, they reach an abandoned casino where Niko deals with Dimitri and Pegorino's men, while Jacob runs off to figure out an exit strategy. Later, Dimitri kills Pegorino and tries to escape in a helicopter. Niko attempts to grab on but is kicked off. He enters a speedboat and chases after Dimitri's helicopter. Jacob eventually shows up in an Annihilator and picks up Niko. Niko takes control and, after a long helicopter chase, Jacob manages to fire enough bullets at Dimitri's helicopter for it to catch fire. However, a rocket fired from Dimitri's helicopter hits Niko's helicopter, causing it to catch fire as well. Both helicopters crash on Happiness Island, and Niko deals with Dimitri, his men, and the police. As Dimitri lays dying, Jacob arrives with Niko and Niko sadly says that Roman never hurt anyone. Jacob tries to comfort him and they leave. In the Revenge ending on the other hand, Pegorino arrives at Roman's wedding and attempts to kill Niko in a drive-by, but ends up killing Kate McReary, Niko's girlfriend, by accident. Niko does not take this well, and Jacob and Roman try to calm Niko down, and they tell him to leave. Jacob later phones Niko and tells him that he and Roman have found some of Pegorino's men in Koresh Square in Alderney. Niko meets them in a car and the two henchmen enter an SUV and Niko chases after them. They eventually reach the same abandoned casino as in the Deal ending, and Niko fights off Pegorino's men while Jacob and Roman run off to figure out an exit strategy. Later, Niko confronts Pegorino in the casino and he runs off and Niko chases after him. He fights some more of Pegorino's men and Pegorino tries to escape in a speedboat. Niko gets on a bike, and chases after Pegorino while staying on the coastline. Jacob and Roman arrive in an Annihilator and they pick up Niko who takes control of the helicopter and chases after Pegorino's boat. Jacob manages to set fire to the boat by shooting it enough, but a rocket fired from the boat hits the helicopter and sets it on fire as well. Both Niko's helicopter and Pegorino's boat crash on Happiness Island, and Niko deals with Pegorino, his men, and the police. After Niko kills Pegorino, Jacob and Roman show up and Niko feels sad for Kate. Roman tries to cheer him up, but Niko walks away and Jacob follows him. They are followed by Roman.
Mission appearances: First Date, Jamaican Heat, Concrete Jungle, Shadow, Drug Delivery, Russian Revolution, The Snow Storm, Have a Heart, Paper Trail, I'll Take Her..., Mr and Mrs Bellic, A Revenger's Tragedy, Out of Commission
Ashley Butler
Ashley Butler is the tritagonist of The Lost and Damned. Ashley was the girlfriend of Johnny Klebitz, the game's protagonist, until after she slept with Lost MC president Billy Grey. She is the first tritagonist in the GTA series to have known the protagonist for a while. The player can call Ashley after the intro mission. Later, Ashley appears in person when she calls Johnny to help save her from drug addicts in a crackhouse. Johnny deals with them, and saves Ashley. Johnny has the option to call Ashley after Billy gets arrested. Ashley later calls Johnny after he escapes from the police with Malc and DeSean, and she tells him to meet her at Drusilla's where her friend Ray Boccino is waiting. She also sends a text to Johnny telling him to meet her at her place in Alderney. At her place, she introduces Johnny to two members of the Faustin Mafiya which has been taken over by Dimitri Rascalov. One of them tells Johnny to kidnap Roman Bellic so Ashley can pay off her debts. Johnny reluctantly does so with help from Malc. At Drusilla's, Johnny meets Ray Boccino who tells him to steal diamonds from Gay Tony. Johnny does so and Ray tells him to hide them in trash bags, which are later collected by Niko Bellic. Ashley meets Johnny at the start of the mission. Later, after Johnny deals with a number of Ray's hitmen, Ashley meets up with him and tells him that Jim Fitzgerald has been killed. Later, after Johnny breaks into the Alderney State Correctional Facility and kills Billy who was threatening to rat out the gang, Johnny and the remainder of The Lost burn down the clubhouse after it has been trashed by Ray and his men. Ashley later calls Johnny and asks him for 40 dollars. Johnny refuses and hangs up. Later, in 2013, Johnny is killed by Trevor Philips, and Ashley mourns for him. Trevor has the option to kill her after getting in his truck. Regardless of the player's choice, a news report later will mention that Ashley died during a heroin orgy along with four local males in their 50s and 80s in a Paleto Bay condo. She is one of the few tritagonists to die in any circumstances.
Mission appearances: Coming Down, This Shit's Cursed, Shifting Weight, Diamonds in the Rough, Roman's Holiday, Was It Worth It?
Hsin Jaoming
Hsin Jaoming is the tritagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Hsin is the elderly head of the Jaoming Family, the leader of the Liberty City Triads, and the father of Chan Jaoming. Hsin is getting tired of being the leader, and wants someone else to take his place. Hsin first meets Huang in the mssion Trail Blazer where he instructs him to use a gas Tanker to destroy a gambling den. Hsin then instructs Huang to rescue some of his men who have been captured by the feds, and take them to a helicopter so they can escape. After Hsin's son Chan has been released from prison, Hsin learns that an FIB informant is in Chan's entourage and a key witness against him. He instructs Huang to kill the informant. Later, Hsin learns that the Midtown Gangsters, long time allies of the triads, have betrayed them. Hsin has Huang behead two of their leaders. Afterwards, Hsin has Huang follow a Midtown Gangsters member to find the location of their new safehouse. Hsin later has Huang, along with some associates, invade one of the Midtown Gangsters safehouses, to collect their archives and see how loyal they are with the triads. Hsin then informs Huang about a heavy weapons shipment that the Koreans are about to receive. Hsin orders Huang to make sure that they don't get to them in fear of the Koreans using them against the triads. Hsin then has Huang destroy the Korean's main base to teach them a lesson for trying to go independent. Later, Hsin has Huang kill Rudy D'Avanzo after he tells Huang that his friendship with the Messina crime family is "in the toilet" thanks to Huang almost killing Jimmy Capra, and that he believes that D'Avanzo betrayed them. Huang and his uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee tell Hsin that his own son Chan and Zhou Ming are FIB rats inside the triads. Later, Hsin meets Kenny in his penthouse, and Kenny reveals that the reason for him killing his own brother was because Hsin ordered Kenny to take the sword from Huang's father, and in return, Kenny would become the next head of the triads. Kenny knew that by doing that he would probably lose the position to Hsin's son Chan. So, instead of that, he killed his brother, stole the sword and later became a fed rat and made Chan and Zhou be murdered by Huang using false files in the FIB mainframe, so he could be the only one in line to be the next Triad boss. Hsin wants the Yu Jian sword back, and Kenny suddenly stabs him. Huang and Wade Heston show up, and Huang kills his uncle. Afterwards, The LCPD arrive and threaten to arrest everyone. Wade yells that this is his bust, and says to arrest everyone except Huang. Hsin is sent to jail and Huang becomes the new leader of the triads.
Mission appearances: Trail Blazer, The Offshore Offload, One Shot, One Kill, By Myriads of Swords, A Shadow Of Doubt, Friend or Foe?, Arms Out of Harm's Way, The Wages of Hsin, A Rude Awakening, Rat Race, Salt in the Wound
Yusuf Amir
Yusuf Amir is the tritagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Yusuf is a wealthy real estate developer, and the son of Abdul Amir. Yusuf first meets Luis Fernando Lopez and Gay Tony at Maisonette 9 in the mission Chinese Takeout. Yusuf talks about his interest in franchising Tony's club. Later, Yusuf instructs Luis to steal a Buzzard from Frickie Van Hardenburg's yacht for his father. Luis steals the chopper and Yusuf instructs him to sink the yacht and kill the people he stole it from. Luis succeeds, and takes the Buzzard back to Ahmed Khaleel, a friend of Yusuf, at a building and Ahmed flies away in it. Later, Yusuf and Luis go to the Rotterdam Tower for a meeting. Yusuf leaves and Luis heads up to the roof of the tower. Luis kills Tahir Saaed and Ahmed after they act suspiciously, and escapes from NOOSE with a parachute. Later in the game, Yusuf has Luis steal a NOOSE APC for him. In the mission Not So Fast, Luis calls Yusuf and asks for his Buzzard, and Yusuf reveals that he painted the helicopter gold. Luis uses the helicopter to attack the diamond deal at The Libertonian, and retrieves the diamonds stolen from him earlier, then fights off NOOSE Annihilators with the Buzzard, and brings the diamonds back to Tony. After Luis is betrayed by Ray Bulgarin, Yusuf calls him and tells him to meet him at a construction site. Yusuf instructs Luis to steal a subway car for his new project. Luis makes his way to the front of the train while fighting off the police and NOOSE as they attack him with Police Mavericks and Annihilators. Yusuf then shows up in a Skylift, and picks up the subway car, then flies Luis to safety and flies away with the subway car. In the final mission, Yusuf calls Luis after the latter destroys heroin hidden in duck-shaped trash bins, kills Timur, and gets on a motorcycle. Luis tells Yusuf to wish him luck in his attempt to kill Ray Bulgarin, then Yusuf shows up in his Buzzard to escort Luis to the airport. Yusuf destroys any Russian vehicles attacking Luis with homing missiles, and flies away when Luis reaches the airport. After Luis kills Ray Bulgarin, he lands to safety with a parachute and heads over to meet Tony at the Monoglobe. Yusuf meets up with them and congratulates them for "winning" and says that he wants to franchise the clubs. Tony points out that the clubs are more about people than the style, and Yusuf responds with "Whip out your dick and piss all over them!". After Tony left Liberty City, it's likely that Yusuf and his father franchised the clubs.
Mission appearances: Chinese Takeout, Sexy Time, High Dive, Caught with your Pants Down, Not So Fast, For the Man Who Has Everything, Departure Time
Jimmy De Santa
Jimmy De Santa is Michael's tritagonist and a friend in Grand Theft Auto V. Jimmy is Michael's son, and he is first seen in the mission Franklin and Lamar where he buys a yellow BeeJay XL. Later, he is seen briefly in Complications arguing with his sister Tracey, while Franklin repossesses his car. Afterwards, he calls his father and tells him that he tried selling his father's boat to the Marabunta Grande, but the boat was stolen and Jimmy was kidnapped. Michael and Franklin work together to save Jimmy, though they lose Michael's yacht. Jimmy then becomes a friend for Franklin to hang out with. Jimmy is later seen playing his game in his room, and is confronted by his father, who smashes his TV and takes him for a bike ride at Vespucci Beach. Michael races Jimmy to the pier, and Jimmy tells him that Tracey is starring in porn at a nearby yacht. Michael heads over to rescue her and she gets mad at Jimmy for telling Michael. She leaves in a taxi with Jimmy, leaving Michael alone. Later, Jimmy is seen arguing with his mother and father about a chunk of marijuana, and then Trevor shows up. He points out that Jimmy used to be thinner. After the mission, Jimmy becomes available for Trevor to hang out with, making him the only character in the game who all three protagonists can hang out with. Jimmy also appears in Did Somebody Say Yoga? where he goes with Michael to meet a drug-dealing friend at a Burger Shot. Jimmy gets a spiked drink, and gives some to Michael, causing him to feel dizzy and nauseous. Jimmy leaves in Michael's car, and Michael is left abandoned without his family. Franklin has the option of calling Jimmy after Caida Libre, and Michael can call him after Derailed. Afterwards, Jimmy is not seen again, until Reuniting the Family where he attempts to reconcile with his father, and helps him put his family back together. Jimmy texts Franklin after Lamar Down telling him that Michael's new movie is coming out. Michael goes to Ponsonbys and buys a tuxedo, and Jimmy meets him with a limousine and the two ride over the Oriental Theater in Vinewood Boulevard for the premiere. Along the way, Michael receives a phone call from Devin Weston about Molly Schultz' death. At the premiere, they meet Solomon Richards and they learn that Amanda and Tracey are nowhere to be found. Then Devin shows up and tells them that Tracey and Amanda appear to be "stuck at home" and they rush off to save them. Jimmy later saves Michael and the rest of the family from being killed by a Merryweather soldier who knocked Michael to the ground, by turning off the lights and knocking the soldier unconscious with his bong while dressed up as a soldier. Jimmy appears in his own optional mission where he is kidnapped by a celebrity he was harassing on the internet. Michael has the option to save him but if he does not, he will have to pay $10,000 dollars for the ransom. If the player chooses Option A, Jimmy will call Michael and Franklin about Trevor's death. Michael can no longer hang out with him, but Franklin still can. If the player chooses Option B, Jimmy will call Franklin and Trevor about Michael's death, and he is clearly very upset. Afterwards, neither Franklin nor Trevor can hang out with Jimmy again. If the player chooses Option C on the other hand, Jimmy will not make any calls or give any emails, but all three protagonists can still hang out with him.
Mission appearances: Franklin and Lamar, Complications, Father/Son, Daddy's Little Girl, Fame or Shame, Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Caida Libre, Derailed, Reuniting the Family, Lamar Down, Meltdown, Parenting 101, Something Sensible, The Time's Come
Chop is Franklin's tritagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Chop is a large Rottweiler dog owned by Lamar Davis. He first appears in the mission Chop with Lamar walking him and Lamar wants to kidnap a Ballas member named D in exchange for $40,000. Franklin, Lamar, and Chop get in Lamar's van and they drive to Vinewood Boulevard where D is on his motorcycle and talking to Little Laita's Cousin. After Franklin and Lamar confront D who tries to escape, they chase after him in their van throughout Los Santos, until he is hit by a bus off his bike. Lamar remains in the van while Franklin and Chop chase after D on foot. The chase goes through Simmet Alley, a city bus terminal, and a railyard and D grabs onto a moving train in an attempt to flee. The player is then prompted to take control of Chop to sniff out D. Franklin and Chop search several boxcars but D is nowhere to be found. Then Chop is distracted when he sees another (male) dog of the same size and begins humping him. Franklin pulls Chop off the other dog and they continue the search for D. They ultimately find him in a boxcar and they chase him and Chop manages to knock him to the ground by biting him. With D apprehended, Lamar arrives in his van and D is forced into it. Franklin takes the wheel and they begin driving to Lamar's house in Forum Drive, until Lamar makes a ransom call to the Ballas. Franklin states that the LSPD and the Ballas will be able to trace the cellphone and will know where they are now. Franklin tosses the phone out of the van and forces Lamar to let D go. Afterwards, Franklin drops off Lamar and Chop at the BJ Smith Recreational Center. Later, Lamar calls Franklin and tells him that Chop will stay at Franklin's house. Later, Chop accompanies Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor Philips in Lamar's van when they head to Grove Street where they are doing a drug deal with the Ballas. The drug deal goes wrong and a large gunfight ensues between the protagonists, the Ballas, and eventually the police. Franklin orders Chop to return home and Chop quickly escapes. When the game transfers control to Franklin after the mission Caida Libre is completed, he is seen playing with Chop. Chop makes his last mission appearance in Predator in which he is with Franklin in a Baller and they are chasing after the O'Neil Brothers who are driving their Dubsta along the Great Ocean Highway near North Chumash. The O'Neil Brothers drive into Raton Canyon with Franklin still in pursuit. A doe steps into the road and the O'Neil Brothers swerve to avoid it, causing their car to roll down a hillside and crash. Franklin and Chop discover that the O'Neil Brothers have disappeared into the woods when they investigate the crash site. Afterwards, Trevor and Michael De Santa arrive in Trevor's helicopter and Michael uses a Sniper Rifle equipped with Thermal Vision to kill Walton and Wynn, but the last brother, Elwood, is hiding behind a rock and tries to shoot down the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher. Chop then helps Franklin find Elwood and Franklin chases him and either Michael or Franklin can kill Elwood. With the O'Neil Brothers dead, Trevor lands his helicopter for Franklin and Chop to board. They fly to the Sandy Shores Airfield where they land. Chop also appears outside of missions and he can be found at Franklin's house. After The Hotel Assassination is completed, Chop can be found at Franklin's new safehouse. Chop can be interacted with in several different ways.
Mission appearances: Chop, Hood Safari, Caida Libre, Predator
Wade Hebert
Wade Hebert is Trevor's tritagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Wade is a juggalo, an inexperienced wanderer, and a friend and associate of Trevor since 2012. He is first seen in Mr. Philips trying to calm Johnny Klebitz down, along with Ron Jakowski when Trevor is having sex with Ashley Butler, Johnny's girlfriend. Johnny is killed by Trevor and he, Ron, and Wade get in Trevor's truck and head over to a farm in Grapeseed, where they taunt Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, and other members of The Lost MC and chase after them to Stab City where Trevor wipes out the majority of The Lost. Wade stays behind to get Sticky Bombs and a Pistol with a Suppressor, and to find Michael Townley, who was mentioned on the TV. Wade appears again in Nervous Ron where he informs Trevor that he has so far, been unsuccessful in finding Michael Townley. Wade appears a third time in Friends Reunited where he tells Trevor that he found a Michael De Santa, and his wife is named Amanda. Trevor leaves with Wade for Los Santos, but not before blowing up The Lost trailer park. Wade gives Trevor the weapons he asked for, and Trevor succeeds in destroying the trailers. Trevor and Wade then head for Los Santos, and they stop at Vinewood Hills and Trevor overlooks the city and tells Michael that he's coming for him. Then, they drive to Vespucci Beach where they stop at Wade's cousin's apartment. Wade is seen later in Scouting the Port, where he, Trevor, and Floyd dress up as longshoremen and infiltrate the Port of Los Santos. Trevor completes various jobs and takes photos of a freighter ship belonging to Merryweather Security. Trevor and Floyd head over to the Los Santos Naval Port, where Trevor steals a briefcase carrying a ship manifest, while Floyd is left behind to get beaten up by angry Merryweather soldiers. Wade was dealing with industrial waste and when Trevor returns to the apartment, he finds Wade all covered in the waste. Trevor draws out the plans for The Merryweather Heist, and the player can choose either the Freighter, or Offshore versions. If the player chooses the Offshore approach, and plays the mission Cargobob, Wade calls him during the mission. Wade appears in either version of the heist and, in the Freighter approach, Trevor instructs him to give Michael a wetsuit, and in the Offshore approach, Trevor tells him to get in the Cargobob at the end of the mission. Wade texts Trevor after the mission Minor Turbulence. Afterwards, Wade is not seen again, until Hang Ten. After Floyd and Debra get killed, Trevor takes Wade to the Vanilla Unicorn, and when they get there, Trevor tells two strippers to take care of Wade. Afterwards, Wade can be found in the Strip Club, peacefully hanging out with the two strippers, though saying random things.
Mission appearances: Mr. Philips, Nervous Ron, Friends Reunited, Scouting the Port, Cargobob, The Merryweather Heist, Minor Turbulence, Hang Ten
Agent 14
Agent 14 is the Online Protagonist's Tritagonist, as other than Lester Crest, he is the next person who features the most in the Protagonist's progress. Agent 14 first met the Protagonist and their crew by being introduced through Lester. 14 hired them as assets to help break out a prisoner that was needed for another operation. After impressing 14 with their skills and professionalism, 14 then hired them for the second part of the operation, which was to infiltrate Humane Labs and retrieve a highly dangerous nerve agent. 14 would go on to say that he was pleased none of them died during the mission as he has lost agents before. Agent 14 later employs the Protagonist as a gunnrunner for the IAA, though this was unknown at the time. As such, 14 maintains regular contact with the Protagonist, paying them for the sales and allowing them the use of an IAA bunker. Agent 14 was next encountered in person during the doomsday event, he finds the Protagonist and their crew in the IAA base, he tells Rackman that they are ok and they have just saved them.
Mission appearances: Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid, Data Breach, The Doomsday Scenario

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