"The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Philips Enterprises, or they ain't going!"
―Trevor Philips.

TP Enterprises' official way of dealing with the competition.

Trevor Philips Enterprises (also variously referred to as Trevor Philips Enterprise, Trevor Philips Industries, Trevor Philips Corporation, TPI Conglomerate, TP Conglomerate, and TP, Inc.) is a business in Grand Theft Auto V run by one of three protagonists, Trevor Philips.

Very little is known about the business other than it was formed at some point prior to the storyline of GTA V and deals mainly with drugs, although Trevor wants to expand the guns trade by shipping firearms to the drug cartels in Mexico. Even though Trevor calls it an Enterprise or Industry, it's ran by only three people, Trevor who is the leader, Wade who is an information gatherer and Ron who's the CEO and pilot like Trevor (Although Ron is a rookie pilot) and provides information about how to make money by finding different businesses.

The business is in a violent rival with The Lost MC, the Aztecas, the O'Neil Brothers and the Cheng family. Most of the rivals were wiped out by the much smaller TP Enterprises by the end of the game.

It also has its own company helicopter, a Frogger with "TP Industries" and some other writing and pictures. This helicopter is revealed to be the same one used to capture Mr. K, Trevor kept it as a down payment as he wanted to get paid for his involvement.




  • The business seems similar to Marty Jay Williams' Trailer Park Mafia, from VCS, in that it is reasonably small time, and is run by a redneck.
  • By buying the McKenzie Field Hangar, Trevor opens a set of side missions that involves selling and moving weapons across San Andreas, operating as Trevor Philips Industries.
  • Despite its small membership, the company through Trevor, successfully wipes out larger rivals some of which were notorious and tough in their own right such as the Lost MC.


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