Trenton (also known as Portland Industrial Estate[1]) is an industrial district located in Portland, Liberty City. It borders Portland View to the north, Atlantic Quays to the south, Portland Harbor to the east and Chinatown to the west.


Trenton is based on Red Hook, Brooklyn. Trenton is strictly an industrial area in Portland, housing multiple low-rise manufacturing plants, warehouses and offices for various fictional products and services in the game. Trenton's proximity with neighboring Portland Harbor and Atlantic Quays makes it nothing short of ideal for businesses to ship products or import materials via the harbor.

Places of Interest

The area is controlled by the Southside Hoods during 2000, although in other years it does not appear to be controlled by any gang, although senior Leone Family gang member Joey Leone owns a garage in the district between 1992 and 2001.




  • The name Trenton could possibly to taken from New Jersey's capital, which has the same name.


  1. Road map located next to the Liberty City Sawmills


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