The Trash Dash is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in which the player collects garbage dumpsters by using the Trashmaster. It is not required to complete in-game unless the player's goal is to reach 100% completion.


The mission can be started by pressing the mission trigger button only when inside a Trashmaster on all three islands. Once started, the player has no time limit, but once the first garbage container is collected, they start with a time limit of thirty to forty seconds. They get the same amount of time for collecting each garbage container. Once all the garbage containers are picked up, the player has to return to the Harwood junkyard in Portland Island (No matter which island the player is on when starting the mission). The reward for beating this mission is $2,000 (Portland Island), $3,000 (Staunton Island) and $4,000 (Shoreside Vale).



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