The Transit Van is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto 1.


Grand Theft Auto 1

The Transit Van is designed as a generic van with two doors on the front and two on the rear end. Its name implies that it is based on a Ford Transit, and this is backed up by its similarities to a MkII Transit.


Grand Theft Auto 1

It has a low top speed and sluggish handling, but it is fairly durable.


Grand Theft Auto 1

  • The Transit Van is common in Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. It is featured in three missions. During Phone 38, the protagonist has to take four vehicles, including two Transit Vans, with dead bodies to a car park, and blow them up. In mission Phone 39, the player has to steal a Transit Van before killing El Burro. During mission Phone 46, there are three Transit Vans, full of Babylon scouts, cruising in the city, which must be found and destroyed. Besides these, in both Vice City chapters, there are three Transit Vans that conceal bomb fitted Model Cars, and trigger Kill Frenzy upon entering them; all of them can be driven once the Kill Frenzy is completed or failed.


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