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"You haven't thrown a real San Andreas no-hitter until you've taken five vehicles through the land, sea and airspace of this Blaine County track without crashing, drowning or blacking out even once. Good luck. Lap Transform Race starting in Super cars, also featuring the Vortex, Mallard, Seashark and Havok."
―Race description.

Home Run is a Transform Stunt Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Smuggler's Run update, released on October 17, 2017, during the Transform Race Week event. It is available for up to 16 players.


Home Run spreads across north east San Andreas, focused above Grapeseed, but briefly passing over the Alamo Sea and part of Sandy Shores. The entire race is based around a baseball stadium, as referenced by the title and description of the race. The race is a 43 checkpoint long Lap race.

The race begins with a steep drop in the base Super car chosen, which leads to a jump into the baseball field. A quick lap around the baseball field leads to a transform, changing the player's current vehicle into a Vortex, before making another drop, and an immediate stop, falling through a hole in the ground, onto another stunt track. After making an entire 180 degree corner, the player is switched into a Mallard, taking them across the baseball field and flying through several air checkpoints. A checkpoint low above the water changes the Mallard into a Seashark, which takes them back towards the field, before a booster jump back into the field transforms them back into the Mallard. Flying towards a tube, the player will find themselves piloting the Havok, flying a steep incline to the top of the tube, before changing back into the base super car, and completing the lap.


Vehicle Checkpoint Image
Start in Base Vehicle (Super class) Starting line
Transform to Vortex 5
Transform to Mallard 14
Transform to Seashark 18
Transform to Mallard 26
Transform to Havok 32
Transform to Base Vehicle (Super class) 43
Return to start


Home Run
  • Red blip indicates transform checkpoint.
  • Gold blip indicates checkpoint.
  • Purple blip indicates prop.


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