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"Like any proud citizen of Los Santos, you've seen the shopping carts, dead bodies and rusted pickups filling the Land Act Reservoir, and you think it's a disgrace. This city deserves a better class of refuse in its main water supply, and a few crashed muscle cars, vintage motorbikes and stunt planes would go a long way to raising those standards. Time to show you care. Lap Transform Race starting with the Ruiner 2000, also featuring motorcycles, Havok, Blazer Aqua and Mallard."
―Race description.

Dam Control is a Transform Stunt Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Smuggler's Run update, released on November 21, 2017, during the FH-1 Hunter Week event. It is available for up to 16 players.


The race is a 53 checkpoint long Lap race, default to 2 laps. Between checkpoints 1-5 and 30-32, players can take one of two different routes. The race starts in Ruiner 2000s.


Dam Control
  • Red blip indicates transform checkpoint.
  • Gold blip indicates checkpoint.
  • Purple blip indicates prop.
  • Orange track indicates secondary track.


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