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For the subway car in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Subway Car. For the other trains in the Grand Theft Auto series, see Train.

The Train is a rail-based transportation vehicle in Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Their purpose is largely as an alternate means of travelling from one of point of the city to another, avoiding the need to travel by car and navigate along streets and traffic to reach the same location. The convenience of riding a train is offset by their sporadic coverage of the city, which often features only a handful of railway stations along each line.

Grand Theft Auto

For Grand Theft Auto, Trains are designed as passenger-based vehicles that allow players and NPCs to move between various underground and elevated stations scattered all over the city. The trains consist of a single locomotive pulling three passenger cars; players simply enter or exit a passenger coach the same way their do with any road vehicle, but can only do so when the Train has come to a stop at the station. From this point on, players may continuously ride the train until they alight at a station.

A minor quirk on Trains in the PC version of the game is the ability to hijack them. In order to do this, players must first be within a Train's passenger coach. By simultaneously pressing the Ctrl and Enter keys, the player gains control of the locomotive, allowing them to control the train's speed as well as their direction along the tracks (forwards or backwards). However, the player must be wary of another Train along the track, as Trains are very sensitive to crashes; a simple collision can destroy both trains in an explosion, killing the player inside. Likewise, Trains can be damaged if they collide with any vehicle along the line, or sustain damage from gunfire, ultimately leading to them blowing up.

Trains are only available in Liberty City and Vice City, as San Andreas is presumed to originally be intended by developers to feature Trams instead; the feature was dropped in the final version of the game. Trains in Liberty City are blue, while trains in Vice City are red. Trains are not included in the PlayStation version of the game.

The Train is featured in two missions. In mission Gangsta Bang - Counthash, the protagonist is tasked to blow up a Train that is used to move the drugs of Sonetti's Gang around the city. During mission Heist Almighty - Itali, the player has to ride a Train that is fitted with bomb, and will explode shortly after leaving the station of Island Heights.

Grand Theft Auto 2

For Grand Theft Auto 2, Trains are cosmetically redesigned in the tone of the game's retro-futuristic setting, while retaining many of the core characteristics from their previous renditions in the first Grand Theft Auto; however, players can no longer hijack trains, although they remain equally destructible.

Locomotive in Grand Theft Auto 2

The variety of train cars were expanded, consisting of up to four different models:

  • The locomotive (TRAIN): Were it can carry up to four cars at the same time
  • The passenger coach (TRAINCAB): Where the player and the NPCs can use to take train rides.
  • Freight cars (BOXCAR): Used purely for freight pusposes.
  • A flatcar (TRAINFB): Used purely for freight pusposes.

In each district of Anywhere City, the Trains that appear in the city's various train lines may come with different combinations of train sets, either serving to carry passengers, or carry passengers and freight, to which point the locomotive will appear with the aforementioned freight cars, flatbed car, or both. The player can only access a Train via any of its passenger coaches, so the freight-based cars are of little use.

Trains in Grand Theft Auto 2 also travel much faster, and adopt at-grade, elevated or underground lines to travel around the city. Their frequency of arrivals at station is also better than in the first Grand Theft Auto.

The presence of Trains was removed from the PlayStation port of the game, probably due to hardware limitations.

Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the games' stock train consists of two-to-three car electric trains, with a curved base. The train resembles the classic subway cars used in New York City's subway system, particularly the R62/R62A in terms in size and doors (the cars have three doors on both sides), and the R68/R68A in terms of body design and light configuration.

The train can be used to travel between three stops on Portland, on the Portland El line;

The train is also used on the Subway line running between four stops across Liberty City, with one in Portland, two in Staunton Island and one in Shoreside Vale;

Unique Variants

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

A wreck of a early 20th century-style subway car.

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Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto III

Train routes

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Grand Theft Auto

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  • Only the station portion of the train tracks in GTA and GTA 2 can be accessed by the protagonist, but that too can pose a threat to both the player and NPCs. Because the tracks are electrified, anyone who steps on the tracks for too long will be electrocuted for a few seconds, leading to death (though there is a glitch that allows the player to run along the tracks without dying). It is thus important for the player to exercise caution when traversing the tracks. This feature is absent in train tracks in GTA III thereafter.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the icon for the PS4 trophy "Freight Date" appears to be based on the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of the train.

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