"You will show me proper respect by redeeming your shame!"
Hsin Jaoming

Trail Blazer is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Triads leader Hsin Jaoming.


Hsin tells Huang that he wants Chan ambusher's gambling den to burn. Huang steals a gas Tanker in a close gas station to destroy the gambling den located in South Bohan.

When Huang succeeds in stealing the tanker, a police officer shoots it, which causes gasoline to come out the rear of it which will lignite every so often. Now the player must reach the gambling den without letting the fire reach the tanker, which means driving fast is necessary, and Huang should the brake carefully. When Huang reaches the gambling den, he gets the tanker into the designated area, bails out, and successfully get outs of range of the explosion.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take the tanker from the local gas station
  • Take the gas tanker
  • Drive the tanker to the gambling den
  • Get ready to jump out of the tanker. Jump out and get clear


  • Huang can shoot the police officer who usually manages to shoot the Tanker to the latter's death, but a second one will appear after the first officer was killed, and the vehicle will still be shot.
    • If Huang also kills the second officer without the latter shooting at the gas tank, the gasoline will instantly leak out of the Tanker despite the player doing nothing to the vehicle rather than stealing it.
      • This may indicate that the Tanker in this mission is "modded" by the game, as gasoline from normal Tankers will not come out unless the vehicle is shot in the back.
  • When the player is told to jump out of the Tanker, the Tanker will sometimes not reach the gambling den, thus exploding itself, and oddly failing the mission, telling that vehicle is destroyed, despite the last objective is already done. This only happens in the mobile version and this is more than likely a glitch.

Mission Replay Description

"I finally got to meet the big boss, Hsin Jaoming.

He was pretty pissed that his son was ambushed, and wanted revenge.

So, I drove a burning fuel tanker into some asshole's gambling den for him."



Video Walkthroughs

Trail Blazer
Trail Blazer

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