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"Class warfare as life's winners and losers fight for survival. Losers become Winners by taking out a Winner. Choose how you play, Podium Finish or Pass the Parcel."
―Mission description.

Trading Places is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, released on June 7, 2016.


In this Adversary Mode, players are battling in variable teams. When a lower-class trader player (Loser) kills a member of the opposing team, they are switched onto that team, becoming the VIP (Winner). The player killed is switched from the winners to the losers. In game, deaths are not indicated, however, the activity of team-switching is.

At the bottom right of the screen, every player has their own bar, which slowly fills when the player is on the Winners' team, and drains when they are on the Losers' team. When the timer ends, half of the players - the ones with the highest percentage of their bar filled - win the round, while the other players lose.


Image Location Map
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS1 Trading Places I takes place near the 24/7 on Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert. TradingPlacesI-GTAO-Map
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS2 Trading Places II takes place at Hookies, North Chumash. TradingPlacesII-GTAO-Map
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS3 Trading Places III takes place at Redwood Lights Track. TradingPlacesIII-GTAO-Map
Released in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony[1]
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS4 Trading Places IV takes place at Decker Park, Little Seoul. TradingPlacesIV-GTAO-Map
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS5 Trading Places V takes place at R L Hunter & Sons, Grapeseed. TradingPlacesV-GTAO-Map
TradingPlaces-GTAO-SS6 Trading Places VI takes place near Harmony Storage Yard, Harmony. TradingPlacesVI-GTAO-Map
Released in Gunrunning
BunkerTradingPlaces-GTAO-JobImage Bunker - Trading Places* takes place in the Bunker. BunkerTradingPlaces-GTAO-Map
Released in Arena War
MissileBaseTradingPlaces-GTAO-JobImage Missile Base - Trading Places* takes place in the missile base from The Doomsday Scenario. MissileBaseTradingPlaces-GTAO-Map

* This map is listed as part of its own group.

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