"It is my earnest wish to destroy a man, Mr. Cipriani. Destroy...not merely kill. I want him and his whole organization weakened and humiliated before he dies. I want him to suffer."
―Toshiko Kasen

Toshiko Kasen (Japanese: 佳扇敏子, Kasen Toshiko) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (set in 1998). She is the wife of Yakuza leader Kazuki Kasen.


Toshiko Kasen was born in 1967 in Japan and moved to Liberty City. She married Kazuki Kasen who became the the leader of the Yakuza. In her own words she married him because 'he looked like a man and did manly things'. Kazuki preferred to spend his time with his men rather than with Toshiko, leading to her being left friendless, ignored and desperate for help.


Feeling neglected, Toshiko hires Leone Family made man Toni Cipriani to ruin and humiliate her husband after he destroys a Yakuza tank. She first tells Toni to steal a Yakuza munitions delivery, taking them to Phil Cassidy at a small dock in Rockford. Toshiko, happy of giving revenge, hires Toni to destroy the money being moved from Kazuki's casino before taking her to an opera at the Fort Staunton Opera House. After that, the Forelli Family attempt to ambush by smashing the limousine, although Toni manages to return her safely to her apartment. Toshiko, having humiliated her husband and shown her allegiances, tells Toni to kill her husband. Toshiko, feeling free, becomes depressed and releases her pet canary into the wild. Toshiko wanted to be "truly free" and commits suicide by falling out of her apartment window and falling on to a car below.

Mission Appearances

GTA Liberty City Stories



  • Despite her holding a pistol in her artwork, she is never seen using one and appears to be a very peaceful and tranquil woman in the game, even letting her pet canary out of its cage to fly away into Liberty City before committing suicide. This could be a hint, however, that her personality was initially going to be different than in the finished version of the game.
  • She is one of the few character in the GTA series to commit suicide. The others are Keith Ham Yel Tun, Hans Nemesis, Margot, Wilhelm and Dom Beasley.
    • So far, she is the only known character of the 3D Universe to commit suicide.


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