Tortoise is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that plays post-rock.


The station only plays songs by the band Tortoise. It is only available on the PSP, iOS and Android versions of the game.


Song: Preview:
"Minors" by Tortoise (2009)
"Salt the Skies" by Tortoise (2004)
"Charteroak Foundation" by Tortoise (2009)
"Seneca" by Tortoise (2000)
"High Class Slim Came Floatin' In" by Tortoise (2009)
"Penumbra" by Tortoise (2009)
"Gigantes" by Tortoise (2009)
"Northern Something" by Tortoise (2009)
"Prepare Your Coffin" by Tortoise (2009)
"Ten-Day Interval" by Tortoise (1998)


  • In the "Lite" (Demo) versions of the game on IOS, Tortoise and all the radio stations besides Tiklah and Deadmau5 are not available to switch to, but if the player gets into the Go Kart, Tortoise will be able to be chosen, however if the player switches to the other stations, they cannot switch back to Tortoise.

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