Topaz Street Underground Car Park

Topaz Street Underground Car Park is a car park under Topaz Street, located in Lancaster.


The car park lies between Bismarck Avenue and Columbus Avenue, closer to Bismarck. There are two entrances, one on Topaz Street and the other on Silicon Street. The car park seems pretty basic, with spaces for cars, speed bumps, grey pillars, and some vending machines, which include 5 Sprunk machines and 2 prop snack machines. The car park is regularly empty, with three or four cars usually in it. The signs above ground claim parking is free and open 24 hours.

Events of GTA IV and TBoGT

The car park has some importance in Grand Theft Auto IV and greater importance in The Ballad Of Gay Tony. In GTA IV, it's where Niko picks up Jeff's Blista Compact along with his deceased wife in it, and dumps it into the river. In TBOGT, the mission Going Deep is set here. You have to kill crooked LCPD and NOOSE officers after having been lured here in the hope of planting evidence against Ray Bulgarin in his car.


  • Strangely, vehicle headlights don't work in the car park, despite that they can be turned on before the player can enter.
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