The Tooled Up store, circa 1986, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Tooled Up is a hardware store in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The store is located in the North Point Mall in Vice Point. The store was not open in 1984, but had been by 1986. Tommy Vercetti can purchase various tools from the store, which he uses as weapons. Tommy must also rob the store to gain 100% completion. The Coveralls Outfit can be found at the back of the store after the completion of "Riot".

Weapons for purchase

Tool Price
Screwdriver $10
Hammer $20
Meat Cleaver $50
Knife $90
Katana $300


  • The sign in the store window; "Why Not Get Wood and Do it Yourself This Weekend?" has a double entendre. At first, it may refer to carpentry or other craftsmanship activities, which are popular weekend pastimes among men. But, in the other hand, the term "get wood and do it yourself" can also refer to having an erection and masturbating, another of Rockstar's sexual jokes.
    • The same sign features in the window of Screw This.
  • "Tooled Up" is a South English slang for a well-equipped person.

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