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"Pay the woman, you fat fuck!"
―Tony to Mike.

Tony is an animal featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Tony in Ken's office, along with Ken, Kent Paul and Carl Johnson.

Tony is a talking parrot that serves as a companion to Ken Rosenberg after the latter was chosen as a neutral party in Caligula's Casino. The parrot serves as comic relief character in the three missions it appears in. It often utters, among others, Mafia slang terms and foul language.

He first appears when Rosenberg complains about his life and that his only friend being Tony. In its second appearance, Tony tells Ken to "forget about it" when Ken believes he will be murdered by the Mafia. In his third and final appearance, after Salvatore Leone enters Ken's place, the parrot calls the Salvatore's bodyguard a "fat fuck" and tells him to pay Maria Latore for a sandwich she served Salvatore.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


GTA San Andreas - Tony the parrot's quote

GTA San Andreas - Tony the parrot's quote


  • In Tony's first appearance, it utters a quote from Tony Montana, "I haven't fucked anybody over in my life who didn't have it coming to them", from the 1983 film Scarface. This proves that the parrot's name is a reference to Al Pacino's character from Scarface.
  • Tony is one of the few named animals in the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • In its second appearance, Tony tells Ken to "forget about it", which is reference to the 1997 film Donnie Brasco, where Al Pacino's character often used this phrase in various meanings.


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