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Let's teach these would-be tough guys what it means to be a tough guy.
— Toni Cipriani to Claude in Grand Theft Auto III.
You keep fucking with me, I'll put you, your friends, your friend's families, your whole fucking home town under the sword.
— Toni Cipriani to Leon McAffrey in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a main character in Grand Theft Auto III and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

He is voiced by Michael Madsen in GTA III and Danny Mastrogiorgio in GTA Liberty City Stories.



Toni is a member of the Leone Crime Family in Liberty City, who was forced to live abroad for a while following his murder of a made man from a rival Mafia family under the orders of his boss, Salvatore Leone. Upon his return in 1998, he resumes work for the family, helping it increase its influence and eliminate its rivals, primarily the Sindacco and the Forelli Crime Families. As a result, the Leone Crime Family becomes the dominant Mafia organization in the city, and Toni earns Salvatore's trust and respect, becoming a Capo within the family.

Two of Toni's defining attributes are his undying loyalty to Salvatore and his complicated relationship with his mother, Mrs. Cipriani. The latter is often heard berating Toni due to her discontent with him and what she perceives as his failure to live up to his late father's legacy, though at times she has also been shown to praise her son and be kind to him.

Toni Cipriani was born to Mrs. Cipriani and an unnamed father, who was a member of one of the city's mafia families. He lived with his Ma in their restaurant in Saint Mark's. At some point, Toni's father was killed by a rival gang, and since that day (or possibly even earlier) his Ma has been putting a lot of pressure on Toni, berating him and arguing with him over the smallest things, because she believed he would never live up to his father's legacy. Toni later became involved in Liberty City's criminal underworld, joining the Leone Crime Family to follow in his late father's footsteps and prove his Ma wrong.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[]

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Toni Cipriani assumes the role of the playable character and main protagonist of the game. The game explores Toni's history and exploits three years prior to the events in Grand Theft Auto III.

Toni left Liberty City and decided to lay low abroad after killing a rival made man (presumably a member of the Forelli or Sindacco family) under orders from Salvatore Leone. He finally returns to the city years later, in 1998, ready to continue his life of organized crime. A grateful Salvatore Leone gives Toni jobs, but because he was out of town for so many years, other members of the Leone Crime Family have had the time to move up in the hierarchy. Salvatore was forced to strip Toni out of his rank and give the position to Vincenzo Cilli during his leave of absence. Toni now finds himself a low-ranking goon that has to once again gain favor with the Don, in order to secure a leadership position in the family. Toni and Vincenzo immediately dislike each other, which ends up in Toni killing Vincenzo after his earlier betrayal.

Later on, Toni finds himself looking after Salvatore's wife Maria Latore, who develops unrequited feelings for Toni and has him do her bidding. However, after learning Toni "has no money", she cuts ties with Toni, reminding him that she is Salvatore's girl and not to hit on her. Much of Toni's efforts in achieving his goal of reclaiming his place in the Leone hierarchy include battling two rival Mafia families, the Forellis and the Sindaccos via several means, allowing him to be "made" halfway through the storyline after killing the Liberty City mayor, Roger C. Hole, on Salvatore's orders. This is enough to impress his Ma, who calls off a hit she put on her son earlier and speaks kindly to him for the first time in the game, though she would eventually return to berating Toni by the time of Grand Theft Auto III.

Following this, Toni works for media mogul and mayoral candidate Donald Love on Salvatore's behalf, protecting him from the Forellis' attempts to sabotage his campaign. Despite Toni's efforts, however, Love loses the race due to his connections to organized crime, and the Forellis' puppet, Miles O'Donovan, is installed mayor. O'Donovan promptly has Salvatore arrested on several crime charges, but Toni remains loyal to his boss and continues to accept jobs from him in prison, where he poses as Salvatore's lawyer. One of these jobs involves killing the Don of the Sindacco Crime Family, Paulie Sindacco, ending the war with the Sindaccos, who are severly weakened and forced to leave Liberty City for good.

Not long after, Donald Love, who went bankrupt after his ties to the Leone Crime Family were discovered, comes up with a plan to regain his fortune and hires Toni to help him act on it. The two murder real estate businessman and Love's former mentor, Avery Carrington, and steal his re-development plans for Fort Staunton. Toni subsequently destroys Fort Staunton with explosives supplied by 8-Ball, allowing Love's company to receive city funding to rebuild it, and also dealing a major blow to the Forelli Crime Family in the process, as the neighborhood was controlled by them. Later, when Donald finds himself targeted by the Colombian Cartel, he enlists Toni's help to flee the city with the corpses of Avery Carrington and Ned Burner. During this time, Toni also finds himself taking jobs from Toshiko Kasen, the neglected wife of Yakuza leader Kazuki, who wants to sabotage the Yakuza's operations to punish her husband, culminating in Toni killing Kazuki in a duel and a guilt-ridden Toshiko committing suicide not long after.

Salvatore is eventually released from jail, after being escorted to the courthouse by Toni, due to the Sicilian Mafia wanting Salvatore dead. Following his release, Salvatore realizes that the Sicilian Mafia is to blame for most of his recent problems, and enlists Toni's help to rescue Mayor O'Donovan, who was kidnapped by Sicilian underboss Massimo Torini to prevent him from dropping the charges against Salvatore. Toni and Salvatore kill Torini and rescue the Mayor from Portland Rock, whereupon Salvatore tells O'Donovan that he is now in the Leone Crime Family's debt and to ensure its protection. Afterwards, Salvatore reveals that Torini was working for his uncle, who wanted to weaken his nephew's control over Liberty City as revenge for not paying him tribute. After meeting with Uncle Leone to secure peace between the Leone Crime Family and the Sicilian Mafia, Toni has finally earned Salvatore's trust and respect.

Events of Grand Theft Auto III[]

By 2001, Toni has become one of the highest-ranking members of the Leone Crime Family. The police had attempted to connect Toni and Salvatore throughout 2001; however, they fail to link them beyond his Ma's restaurant. Salvatore’s son, Joey, introduces the game’s protagonist, Claude, to Toni, whereupon the latter hires Claude to perform several attacks on the Triads, who the Leones are currently engaged in a war with. The jobs Claude performs for Toni include collecting protection money from Mr. Wong's Laundromat, killing three Triad warlords, and destroying the Triad-owned fish factory in Callahan Point. Toni also introduces Claude to Salvatore Leone.

In 2001, Toni is still living with his Ma and is frequently seen in his family-run restaurant, from where he provides Claude with jobs. The constant insulting from his Ma about him not being able to be like his father and failing to meet up to her expectations had forced him to call the local chat radio station, Chatterbox FM, and complain about his Ma's constant berating. His standing in the Leone Crime Family following Salvatore Leone's assassination is unknown.



Toni's notably temperamental attitude is in some ways similar to both Tommy Vercetti and Michael De Santa. In addition, his behavior in scenes of the game suggest that he is very loyal, but very easy to irritate (of course, this may be in part of that he is surrounded by such strange people, for instance, Maria Latore, Joseph Daniel O'Toole, and Donald Love). When enraged, Toni is capable of practicing extremely violent acts (like using an axe to murder Giovanni Casa and mutilate his body, and using explosives to destroy Fort Staunton), but he also seems to feel remorseful at times (like when he goes to the Cathedral to make a confession). However, like many other GTA protagonists, he too shows very little hesitation in killing anyone standing in his way and occasionally mocks them. Toni also believes that people should show proper respect to their parents, as seen in the mission Hot Wheels, when he berates Vincenzo Cilli for receiving oral sex from a prostitute named Cheryl while talking to his mother, and how he desperately tries to please his mother. Like Claude, he will give drivers the finger if a vehicle stands in front of him and tries to mow him down.

Toni seems to be very loyal to his bosses (for example, he saves Salvatore from being crushed in a car which the Sindaccos used to kidnap Salvatore). However, after completing the storyline mission "The Sicilian Gambit", during the ending cutscene, Toni seems to be a little troubled and hesitant for not being paid by Salvatore the couple of million dollars he promised.

In GTA: Liberty City Stories, Toni is significantly thinner than his depiction in GTA III; this is commented or criticized by his mother, Maria and Salvatore Leone, with his mother and Salvatore in particular commenting about him not being fed well. By GTA III, Toni is fatter and has aged considerably in the three years that have passed.


In GTA: Liberty City Stories, circa 1998, Toni has a burly build and light skin, brown eyes, and short, dark brown hair. He has a permanent 5 O'Clock shadow, and a small amount of chest hair, which can be seen when using certain outfits. He also appears to be quite tall, and is considerably taller than characters like Salvatore and JD O'Toole. As GTA: Liberty City Stories allows the player to change clothes, Toni can wear up to 16 different outfits, ranging from casual clothes to mascot costumes to luxury suits. His regular outfit consists of a dark brown jacket on top of a black buttoned up shirt, tan pants, and black shoes.

In GTA III, circa 2001, Toni's appearance has changed drastically; he has lighter brown hair with grey stripes and a much fatter and heavier build. He also wears a purple coat and dark tan dress pants. The drastic change in Toni's appearance between the two games is referenced in GTA: Liberty City Stories, where several characters like his mother, Maria, and Salvatore criticize him for being too thin; Salvatore in particular comments about him not being fed well. As such, it is implied Toni took their advice and began eating more in the three year gap between the two games.


  • Toni Cipriani's name, character, and appearance are influenced from characters portrayed by actor Paul Sorvino. The GTA III rendition of Toni Cipriani is heavily based on Sorvino's character Paulie Cicero from the film Goodfellas, a huge inspiration on both games Cipriani appears in. Furthermore, Toni Cipriani's name comes directly from a character Sorvino played named Tony "Guy" Cipriani from the 1997 film Money Talks.
  • Toni Cipriani is likely a homage to Tony Soprano, the main character from The Sopranos. Aside from their names, both characters also share ongoing problems with their mothers, who also ordered hits on them. They also both would later go on to have weight problems, and were feuding with caporegimes in their respective crime families (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano and Vincenzo Cilli respectively). Moreover, Toni can wear a particular outfit that seems to be inspired by the dress style of Tony Soprano.
  • Toni, along with Salvatore Leone, Luigi Goterelli, Maria Latore, 8-Ball, and Joey Leone (in that order) appear on posters for the film Badfellas in GTA III. This is a reference to the film Goodfellas, which Frank Vincent (Salvatore Leone's voice actor) and Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti's voice actor) starred in. The posters can be found at Luigi's Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District of Portland Island, Liberty City.

Murders Committed by Toni Cipriani[]

Victim Mission Killed Reason
Unnamed made man N/A Murdered on Salvatore Leone's orders.
Dan Sucho Grease Sucho Murdered to show his mother that he is better than him.
Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay Biker Heat Murdered for beating Maria up.
Giovanni Casa Dead Meat Murdered and butchered for stopping to pay protection money.
Vincenzo Cilli The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade Murdered for betraying him earlier and for attempting to kill him.
Roger C. Hole A Walk in the Park Murdered on Salvatore Leone's orders for being controlled by the Forelli Crime Family and trying to accuse him of all the crimes in the city.
Faith W. False Idols Murdered on Ned Burner's orders for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.
Black Lightman False Idols Murdered on Ned Burner's orders for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.
DB-P False Idols Murdered on Ned Burner's orders for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.
Paulie Sindacco Dead Reckoning Murdered on Salvatore Leone's orders for getting him in jail.
Avery Carrington Panlantic Land Grab Murdered on Donald Love's orders to get his construction plans.
Ned Burner Stop the Press Murdered for refusing to hand over the evidence implicating him and Donald Love in Avery Carrington's death.
Kazuki Kasen Cash in Kazuki's Chips Murdered for trying to kill him and Toshiko Kasen.
Massimo Torini The Sicilian Gambit Murdered for kidnapping Miles O'Donovan, trying to take over Liberty City, and attempting to ruin the Leone Crime Family.

Crimes Committed by Toni Cipriani[]

This is a list of crimes committed by Toni in both GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA III, as well as crimes that the player may commit while playing as Toni.

Other crimes (player-determinant)[]

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Carjacking
  • Manslaughter
  • Mass Homicide
  • Violating Gun Control laws
  • Looting
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Street Racing
  • Assault

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto III[]

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[]




Grand Theft Auto III[]

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[]

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PlayStation 2[]


  • It is implied that Toni may have been a loan shark in the past, as he reminds JD O'Toole of the money he owes in Snuff, and Giovanni Casa tells Toni that he will pay him "the money I owe" in Dead Meat.
  • In A Date With Death, Toni implies that he dislikes the opera.
  • Toni appears in a total of 77 storyline missions, the third-highest number of any protagonist (behind Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic, who appear in 104 and 98 missions respectively).
  • Toni pronounces his surname as "Ki-priani" in the mission The Pick-Up in GTA III, instead of "Si-priani". This appears to be an uncorrected mistake by the voice actor, Michael Madsen.
    • In Italian, however, neither above is correct, but "Chi-priani" is the correct pronunciation, as C in the "Cipriani" is in front of the word.[2]

"Rip Toni" is to the left.

  • One of Toni's random lines when targeting someone is "It's my constitutional right, you moron!", which is similar to CJ's line "It's my constitutional right, bitch!" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In addition, Toni and CJ both share the line "This is going to a good cause: Me!" when picking up money from deceased NPCs.
    • Another one of Toni's lines in the game, "you do know that I'm Italian, don't you, Don? Not er, Spanish?" in the mission Cam-Pain, is similar to CJ's line "you do know that I'm black, right? And not Chinese?" to Woozie in the mission Amphibious Assault.
  • His beta name was Tony Fucile. "Fucile" means "Rifle" or "Shotgun" in Italian.
  • Toni's name is included, along with the other 3D Universe protagonists, on some graffiti in various locations in Grand Theft Auto IV, with the messages implying they are all dead. This is an Easter egg included in the game by Rockstar's, who revealed in a Q&A on their website that this served as a "little joke to [their] fans".



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