Tongva Hills south of Fort Zancudo on the West Coast of San Andreas.

"Spend a day visiting the vineyards of Tongva Hills. Somehow it doesn't feel like drunk-driving when you're touring through wine country."
―GTA V Manual

The Tongva Hills, is an undeveloped part of the State of San Andreas located in Los Santos County in GTA V. It is bordered by Lago Zancudo to the north, and Banham Canyon to the south.


Tongva Hills is a rural area, which is comprised of vineyards. Devin Weston's Mansion, an unnamed mansion, and the Marlowe Vineyards are located here. Migrant workers can be seen taking breaks, such as smoking, eating, and using cellphones in the fields, along with deer, which can also be seen in herds eating grass; boars, cougars, and the occasional flyover of a Duster.

Places of Interest


  • Tongva Hills is likely named after the Tongva tribe of Native Americans that inhabited the Los Angeles area along with the Chumash tribe (which gives its name to an area near Tongva Hills).
  • Tongva Hills is loosely based on the wine country areas of Temecula, California.


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