Tone Sampson is a character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Tone appears on the official website in the customer testimonials [1] for Tattoo Parlors titled "Hall of Shame".

According to his testimonial, it is revealed he only goes to Ink Inc. to get tattoos at the cheapest price.

Tone is an African-American man, who appears likely to be a Forum Drive Families gangster and is seen riding a BMX. His outfit and tattoos match a Forum Drive Families NPC model in Director Mode.

There is a pedestrian in Strawberry that resembles him who can be rarely found outside the Gas Station on Grove Street in the early stages of the game. He may talk with Franklin and Lamar when they are together. He is heard saying, "Yo, what's up Lamar?" and "How's it going, Franklin?". Franklin cannot talk to him further however.




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