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"Champagne anyone?"
―Tom Connors

Tom Connors is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Tom is quirky, and obsessed with party drinks (notably champagne). He is the executive director of guest services. The player can request guest services, such as Valet Services, Limos, Champagne, start a party in their penthouse, and request Pegasus helicopters.


Tom is an affable individiual who seems to also have a habit of trying to prematurely break out the champagne, usually at inconvenient times such during tense meetings that have taken place before or after a violent situation.

Tom seems to have known Agatha for years, as he says the term "old friend" after Agatha and the Casino clients leave.

As the executive director of guest services, he has a friendly demeanor towards guests and when the Protagonist became a member, he gave them a tour of the casino. Tom was aware of the Duggans' hostile attempt to buy out the casino as just before the tour, he lets Agatha know that so far they haven't been seen in the venue, sharing her concerns for the matter.



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