Toilet Cleaner is a fictional drug mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is advertised on the radio and is sold via the website (though not purchasable by the player). The drug is also frequently mentioned in various shows, such as Blaine County Talk Radio and The Underbelly Of Paradise, both of which imply that the drug induces tendencies of coprophagia in its users.

Weazel News also claims that Toilet Cleaner being used to get high is spreading across Los Santos.

It appears to be a variation of crystal meth (consumed by smoking, causes a "high" feeling, produced by being cooked), however, the inconspicious name, its semi-legal status and packaging labeled "not suitable for human consumption" are references to bath salts. The logo's color and text co-ordination may be influenced by the laundry detergent "Daz", as well as by the spill cleaner company "Spill Magic".

Radio Commercial


Imaging Voice: "Meth brought you forbidden fruits of incest. Bath salts brought you the taboo joys of cannibalism. It's time to step things up a level. The hot new legal high that takes you to places you never imagined and leaves you forever changed - Toilet Cleaner. It's time to smoke a real bowl! Available at your local hit shop, or in case of overzealous local laws - buy it online."



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