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Louise: "Why don't you take over Marty's business?"
Vic: "I'm no gang boss."
Louise: "No, but you could be."
Louise Cassidy-Williams and Victor Vance discuss taking over the late Marty Williams' business

To Victor, the Spoils is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his love interest Louise Cassidy-Williams from her sister's home in Little Havana, Vice City.


With Marty Jay Williams dead, the Trailer Park Mafia have been considerably weakened, with Louise suggesting to Victor that he takes over Marty's businesses. The two go outside and recruit two henchmen at Sunshine Autos. They get to Marty's loan shark business and kill all the Trailer Park Mafia gang members defending it. Louise recruits some other gang members and after taking over all of the empire businesses, she shows up and says that all the businesses that belonged to the Trailer Park Mafia are now Victor's, so he can now run his own gang.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Louise to recruit some muscle.
  • Recruit the henchmen into your gang.
  • Get to Marty's loan shark office.
  • Kill Marty's guards.
  • That's Marty's loan sharking out of business. Wipe out the remnants of his Protection Racket.
  • Kill Marty's guards.
  • Go inside to take this site over.
  • Kill Marty's guards.

Post-Mission Pager Message

VCTN: You have a visitor waiting for you at the airport. Have a good day.


The reward for completing this mission is $1,500 and the mission Jive Drive is unlocked. The business empire feature is also unlocked, as is the ability to recruit gang members, and the player can now attain a five-star wanted level.


Although Victor can now take over and redevelop empire properties, this option is not available for the Little Haiti brothel property until the completion of the Hose the Hoes mission. Also empire properties are only available with 3 empire sites until the completion of From Zero to Hero which will unlock more empire sites.

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