The Tivoli Cinema is a movie theater featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located at the intersection of Morningwood Boulevard and Cougar Avenue in Morningwood, Los Santos.

The Tivoli Cinema is based on the Fox Bruin Theater in Los Angeles. It is one of the three theaters in the game where the player can watch movies, along with the Oriental Theater and the Ten Cent Theater. Each movie costs $25 to view, though Michael De Santa can view movies for free after he purchases the cinema.

It is a property that can be purchased by Michael De Santa for $30,000,000 after the mission Nervous Ron. It will generate a weekly income of $142,300. After purchasing the Tivoli, the manager might request Michael to assist him in managing the theater, by distributing flyers through the city or protect them from gang attacks.


  • Tivoli, or Tibur, is an ancient Italian town founded in the 13th Century BC, and one of its main attractions is a maritime theater.
  • In one of Michael De Santa's Switch Scenes, he can be seen leaving the cinema and complaining about the quality of the films shown within, complete with a cup of soda in his hand.
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