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"Reminisce about the good old days while you hysterically race to avoid bursting into flames in Tiny Racers, the new retro-styled Adversary Mode in GTA Online."
Rockstar Games Newswire

Tiny Racers is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update, released on April 25, 2017, during the Tiny Racers Week event.[1]


"Survival of the fittest, Los Santos style: get left too far behind, and you'll automatically detonate in a massive fireball. If only Mother Nature were this efficient. Up to four players compete in a retro-styled elimination race."
―Job Description

"Tiny Racers channels the spirit of classic GTA titles with a shifting, bird’s-eye perspective designed to bring you a new flavor of vehicle combat. Up to four players can duke it out for the top spot across seven new courses with just one rule: Don’t blow up. Fall too far behind first place and your tiny car goes boom.
Scattered across the track are various power-ups ranging from Rockets and Bombs to light-wielding Shotaros and Special Vehicles. Making good use of these power-ups is key to closing the distance and avoiding a fiery doom.
―Rockstar Games Newswire

The mode consists of a race against other players in a bird-perspective view. The players have to race against each other and obtain power-ups in order to get an advantage.

The difficulty of the game is that players have little perspective to detect ramps and jumps, making it a notable obstacle to make a difference in the player's positions. If one of the players is knocked off the road or is too far from the leading player for ten seconds, they are automatically wasted and are considered the loser of the round. If all players die, the round will be considered a draw.

The player who manages to reach the finish line or have their opponents far away gets awarded a point. Subsequently, the one who manages to get the required score is the winner of the game.


Icon Description
A bomb can be deployed from the back of the vehicle that will destroy nearby vehicles when it detonates.
A rocket can be fired from the vehicle that will destroy vehicles in a similar style to the rocket launcher. The rocket can be fired from the front or the back of the vehicle, in the same way as in a GTA Race.
The vehicle will be able to fire guns from the front of the vehicle that will inflict damage on vehicles it hits. It lasts for five seconds.
The acceleration and braking controls of all other racers will be switched, so that the button to drive backwards and brake will be the button to drive forward. It lasts for ten seconds.
The vehicle the player is driving will become a Nagasaki Shotaro with an energy trail as seen in Deadline. The player will be able to use the energy trail to destroy their competitors. It lasts for five seconds.
The vehicle the player is driving will transform into a BF Ramp Buggy (spoiler), allowing the player to flip over other cars on the track. It lasts for ten seconds.
The vehicle the player is driving will transform into a Ruiner 2000. This gives the player control of the Ruiner 2000's functions, such as the parachute and rockets. It lasts for ten seconds.


There are seven Tiny Racers events in GTA Online, each one at a different location. They are as follows:

Image Location Map
TinyRacers I-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers I Takes place above Downtown. The vehicle used is a Dinka Jester.
TinyRacers I-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers II-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers II Takes place above Vespucci Beach. The vehicle used is a Karin Kuruma.
TinyRacers II-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers III-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers III Takes place above Sandy Shores. The vehicle used is a BF Injection.
TinyRacers III-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers IV-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers IV Takes place above Elysian Island. The vehicle used is a Pfister Comet Retro Custom.
TinyRacers IV-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers V-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers V Takes place above Los Santos International Airport. The vehicle used is an Obey Omnis.
TinyRacers V-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers VI-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers VI Takes place above Mount Chiliad. The vehicle used is a Declasse Drift Tampa.
TinyRacers VI-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png
TinyRacers VII-GTAO-JobImage.png
Tiny Racers VII Takes place above Los Santos. The vehicle used is a BF Bifta.
TinyRacers VII-GTAO-RSSC-Map.png


  • The physics of the race missions causes the vehicles to bounce massively, meaning crashing into corners at what seems to be low speed causes unexpected results - avoid edges of the track.
  • Slipstreaming is much more effective in Tiny Racers - avoid people slipstreaming your vehicle by swerving, and remain behind other players to slipstream them.
  • It seems that the winner of the previous round/target will gain a secondary "boost" at the start line, meaning the winning streak will always become in front of the opponents. To counteract this, tackling the rear end of opponents cars at the start line may spin them out.
  • Depending on the position of opponents of players, it is important to choose the right vehicle. The Ramp Buggy and Ruiner 2000 power-ups commonly appear inline with each other - if severely behind other players, be sure to pick the Ramp Buggy power-up rather than the Ruiner 2000, as the Ramp Buggy appears to have a much quicker boost of acceleration than both other players (no matter what vehicle) and its usual performance in regular gameplay. If behind other players closely, choosing the Ruiner 2000 is effective for using the on-board rockets, while if in front of other players, the Ramp Buggy is once again useful for moving away from targets and reaching other useful pickups first.


  • Occasionally, vehicles destroyed in previous rounds may respawn in front of the player, allowing opponents to a possible advantage.
  • Sometimes, the player will spawn facing the wrong way.



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