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Timm is a character in Grand Theft Auto V who appears in a Random Event. His rental car is broken down on the Great Ocean Highway and he needs a ride to Los Santos International Airport for his flight to Liberty City.


Timm is an equity broker in Algonquin. He rented a car to get to the airport, but it's broken down and he needs a ride. Timm lives in the fast lane, talking about hookers, strippers, and other activities of questionable legality. He apparently works for Tinkle Wireless as when the mission is over he tells you to invest in Tinkle stock on the BAWSAQ. Indeed, the stock prices go up a certain degree after the mission is over.


  • Timm's name is spelled with two m's, because you go "mm" when you work with him, according to his mission dialogue.
  • Timm views himself as an expert at both numbers and socializing, saying he "runs the models" and "dates the models". While he demonstrates an understanding of numbers by noting how much Americans spend on cars in both time and money, he does not appear as an especially sociable person, completely dominating the conversation and demonstrating a large ego.
  • He was hungover the night before his flight, apparently almost getting "suffocated" by breasts and spending around $5000 on bottle services.
  • He is in many ways a stereotypically callous investment banker; he blames housing bubbles on the retail banking "drones", views economic downturns as prime opportunities to make money, and wants to "make it rain" whatever the economic "weather".
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