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The cops have my cousin, El Estupido, surrounded. He's under siege at a farm in Paleto Bay. Two of you get him, and escort him to his chopper at McKenzie Airfield in Grapeseed. You'll be rewarded.
— Description

Time to Get Away is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It is available for 1-2 players.


Martin needs the player to rescue his cousin, El Estupido, from the Donkey Punch Family Farm located in northern Paleto Bay. Surrounded by Sheriff's Deputies, Park Rangers and IAA Agents, he will be found hiding in the back barn. Once collected, the player will receive a text from Madrazo notifying them that the cartel think that El Estupido is in custody, and have given the "green light" on a hit. Navigate through spawning law enforcement (FIB Grangers and FIB Buffalos) and cartel (Baller and Cavalcade) chase vehicles, and get safely to the waiting helicopter at McKenzie Airfield. The mission is completed when Madrazo's cousin safely arrives at the airfield.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Donkey Punch Family Farm.
  • Rescue El Estupido.
  • Take El Estupido to McKenzie Airfield.


Video Walkthrough


  • This mission was one of three new contact missions added in the Independence Day Special update along with Hard Labor and Pickup Sticks.
    • This mission, along with GTA Today, is very rarely offered to players.
  • As of the Independence Day Special, this mission is the only contact mission added in Grand Theft Auto Online updates which cannot be undertaken by four players.
  • A Pigalle appears near the starting point for the mission. However, it is unobtainable outside of the mission and it may not always spawn during the mission.
  • The matte red Jackal, owned by El Estupido, can be kept by the player after the mission is completed but after an update can no longer be stored in the players garages, although it can be taken into Los Santos Customs.
  • Two female rangers will always spawn at the farm before the player(s) arrive.