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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Record the fastest time possible, with a new course to master every week that awards you GTA$ and RP for beating our target time or your own personal best - and a championship worthy haul if you can take down the World Record.
— Description

Time Trials are a Freemode Event featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. They were introduced with the Freemode Events Update.


Time Trials are short races from one location to another. The goal is to beat a par time, rewarding the player with money and reputation. A purple corona will highlight the starting point, which can be seen on the map as a purple stopwatch icon. There are no checkpoints, meaning the player can take any path they want to reach the finishing point.

The race is live and one-man only, meaning that other players can see the player racing in the freemode session. To avoid interruptions by others, the player is switched to passive mode.

If the player took a wrong turn or ran out of time, they can hold F (PC), Y (Xbox One), or Triangle (PlayStation 4) to restart the race. The player will then be placed at the purple corona and have the option to start the race again.

Time Trials are unique and change every week (real-time). Once the player has beaten the par time, the time trial becomes unavailable and reappears after a while. Any further successful attempt on beating the par time will only give the consolation money ($1,000-$4,000).

Until February 2, 2016, at total of 22 Time Trials were released. A week later, the list was started all over again, beginning with Del Perro Pier.

Certain vehicles, such as the Oppressor and the Deluxo, can't be used for Time Trials. As of The Diamond Casino & Resort update, all weaponized vehicles and special vehicles can no longer be used. In the same update, changes were made so that beating the par time will now award the player $100,000 and not $50,000.

With the Peyote Gasser Week event, 10 new Time Trials were added to the game, with the first one being Elysian Island.


No. Time Trial Location Par Time Description
Del Perro Pier
From the Del Perro Pier to the Land Act Dam.
From its pristine beaches to its evaporating lakes, San Andreas takes water quality (if not quantity) seriously. See an epidemic waiting to happen on this time trial from the pier to the reservoir.
From the Galileo Observatory to the McKenzie Airfield.
Complex time trial that takes you from the glamorous peaks of the Vinewood Hills to the grimey troughs of the Grapeseed shoreline. Sober up fast - there's no easy route.
Great Ocean Highway
From a car park in Rockford Hills to Hookies.
For once, let a low-T CEO on his daily commute scream at you instead of his executive assistant. Time trial our of LS along the one-percent-crammed Great Ocean Highway.
Mount Gordo
From the beginning of the Mount Gordo trail to the peak of Mount Gordo.
Short, technical time trial up to the most picturesque suicide spot in the county. Be a statistic that matters.
End to End
From the south-east corner of Terminal to Procopio Promenade, Paleto Bay.
Mix a large cocktail of Junk Energy Drink and amphetamines because this is going to be a long drive: epic time trial along the length of the Golden State.
Fort Zancudo
From the Fort Zancudo Approach Road to the top of Vinewood Hills near the Vinewood Sign.
Follow in the panicked footsteps of deserters, waterboarded detainees, and peace protesters who didn't think the wars would go on this long. Pacey time trial away from Fort Zancudo towards the city lights.
Storm Drain
From the south to the north of the Los Santos Storm Drain.
On a rainy day a human body can float the length of the LS Storm Drain in just 12 minutes. Get up close to the Los Santos circle of life with this not-so-simple time trial: precision is your only chance.
Up Chiliad
From the Paleto Forest Sawmill to the top of Mount Chiliad.
This time trial on one of Mount Chiliad's most perilous faces is a golden opportunity for show-offs and reconstructive surgeons alike. Remember to book a bed at Mount Zonah Medical Center before you set off.
From the Paleto Forest Sawmill to Davis Quartz.
The death of American industry hasn't just provided rusty subject matter for your Snapmatic albums, it's created lots of edgy, supercar-friendly racetracks. Time trial from the sawmill to Davis Quartz.
Cypress Flats
From Cypress Flats to the RON Alternates Wind Farm.
From the old economy to the new - escape the industrial wastes of south LS with this time trial out to turbine-covered hills, where global warming's being delayed one sliced up bird at a time.
From Procopio Beach to North Chumash.
Get a beach body the American way. Eat a four pound, microwave-fresh burger then hit a time trial from Up-n-Atom to North Chumash. Just hope catastrophic heart failure doesn't hit you 'til next year.
Maze Bank Arena
From the Maze Bank Arena to the Sisyphus Theater.
Like every great American city, driving across Los Santos is a matter of one long, straight road, fender-deep in mangled pedestrians. Breakneck time trial from the Maze Bank Arena to the Sisyphus Theatre.
Tongva Valley
From Tongva Drive to Dorset Drive, Richman.
Canoeists, hikers and eco-fascists have had dibs on the only breathable parts of San Andreas for too long. Strike back for fossil fuel enthusiasts with this short time trial through Tongva Valley.
Coast to Coast
From the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness to Cape Catfish.
Use highways or head for the hills. Update Lifeinvader or watch the road. Shout at your kids in the back or crack one off to the fragance billboards. Welcome to a cross-state time trial in the land of the free.
From the Vinewood Casino/The Diamond Casino & Resort to Lake Vinewood Estates.
Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney, then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinewood Hills mansion you'll never own.
Route 68
From Larry's RV Sales, Route 68, to the RON gas station near Lago Zancudo
Time trial along the classic route that has inspired generations of poets, pilgrims, rednecks and sex offenders with its connection remoteness and absence of meaningful law enforcement.
From the top of a multistorey car park in Los Santos International Airport to the White Water Activity Center, Tongva Valley.
Like a driver for a ride share company whose lawyers insist they are definitely not employees, get across the whole city from LSIA like your star rating, future income, and whole self-worth depended on it.
Calafia Way
From the junction between Joshua Road and Calafia Road, Grand Senora Desert, to North Calafia Way near Grapeseed.
Like every post-hipster tourist with a camera phone, take a tour of crushed dreams in the Alamo Sea and think about what filter best captures the sadness. Time trial for the Snapmatic generation.
Vinewood Bowl
From the Vinewood Bowl to the Sonar Collections Dock, Paleto Cove.
Nothing violates the tranquility of green hills or lonely desert roads as efficiently as competitive motorsport. Kill two birds with one time trial all the way from the Vinewood Bowl to Paleto Cove.
Power Station
From the Palmer-Taylor Power Station to Nikola Place, Mirror Park.
From the Palmer-Taylor Power Station to the suburbs of LS, this is a time trial for anyone who's taken a big lungful of Los Santos smog and thought "couldn't this air be just a little bit more polluted".
Raton Canyon
From Hookies to Calafia Road.
Like a wild-eyed junior exec trying to impress on an extreme-sports team builder, risk soiling yourself all the way along the Raton Canyon rapids. Time trial from the Pacific shoreline to the Alamo Sea.
Down Chiliad
Down Mount Chiliad in the eastern direction.
Brutal time trial down the slopes of Mt. Chiliad: if you're going slower than a freefall, you're probably a coward.
Elysian Island
From Elysian Island to Palomino Highlands.
There will come a day when you need to get the hell out of town and lose yourself in the Palomino Highlands for a while. And on that day every practice run is going to count.
Galileo Park
From the Vinewood Sign in Galileo Park to the Kortz Center.
Social mobility, Los Santos style: how fast can you get an SUV across the Vinewood Hills to the new installation at the Kortz Center?
Stab City
From Stab City to West Vinewood.
Stick a turbo charger under the hood of the American dream, and see how long it takes you to make it from Stab City to the Vinewood Hills.
Vinewood Hills
From near the Vinewood Sign to Chumash.
It's a young professional rite of passage: leave work, and get from the Vinewood Hills to the beach at Chumash fast enough to catch the sunset and bask in the illusion of a meaningful existence.
Grove Street
From Grove Street to Rockford Hills.
You can go a long way real fast coming out of this neighborhood...
From LSIA to the Galileo Observatory.
Los Santos loves a social climber: in this case, off the tarmac at LSIA to the highest point in Galileo Park in less time than it takes to buy your degree online.
Pillbox Hill
From the Los Santos County Coroner Office to the Hill Valley Cemetery.
The fastest route from the ICU to the Hill Valley Cemetery has been a point of long-standing debate among the emergency services of Los Santos. Time to settle it once and for all.
Elysian Island II
From Elysian Island to the Del Perro Pier.
A breakneck tour of the most polluted docks, marinas, canals and rivers in the state, finishing with some almost certainly toxic candy floss at the pier.
Lake Vinewood Estates
From Lake Vinewood Estates to Fort Zancudo.
If you want to stay under the radar coming into Fort Zancudo this hot, you better be prepared to take it off road.
El Burro Heights
From the Murrieta Oil Field to the Galileo Observatory.
We're all in the gutter, but some of us are getting a PB en route to the stars...




  • When attempting a Time Trial, pick a vehicle which suits the situation at hand. Fast motorcycles and Supers are the ideal choices for Time Trials, ideally fully upgraded.
  • Start during day time; most of the time trials pass through or end in unlit areas, and headlights aren't too efficient, which could put the player at risk of crashing.
  • Most Time Trials require some level of speed conservation. Avoid unnecessary collisions with traffic and be light on the brakes when heading into corners. Additionally, traffic can be unpredictable as often times, they will change lanes or commit careless driving that can pose a risk to the player if they're not careful.
  • Particularly for End to End and Storm Drain, pulling wheelies, whether constantly or one giant one, will result in a major increase in both acceleration and top speed. Be sure to pull wheelies whenever possible, even if it means taking a risk. Be mindful when choosing motorcycles as some, such as the Hakuchou Drag, are incapable of pulling off wheelies.

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