Tierra Robada, which means Stolen Land in Spanish, is a semi-arid region of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the very northwestern portion of the map, and is home to the city of Bayside and the marina, as well as the small towns of El Quebrados, Valle Ocultado and Las Barrancas. It is usually considered to be a separate county from Bone County. The west side of Tierra Robada surrounding the freeway is oak savanna. The east side are badlands.

Tierra Robada's southern tip also provides the land area for the Robada Intersection, which is the major interchange connecting the highways servicing Tierra Robada, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Bone County.

The name Tierra Robada sounds similar to Sierra Nevada, its real-life counterpart.


Toreno's ranch

Toreno's ranch in Tierra Robada



Stationary Vehicles


  • Usually, near the mountain prominently used in the mission Interdiction, the player can spot two passengers sitting in a stationary Journey. Upon closer inspection, the passengers are a priest and a San Fierro prostitute. Due the fact that it is never any other types of characters sitting in this particular Journey, this is most likely an easter egg inserted into the game by a Rockstar programmer.