"I got another lick - hijacking chemicals, yo. They might be looking crank, they might be dry for cleaning. I don't know. What I do know is my buyer's gonna break off something fat when he get's em. The tanker is on the way to the Palmer-Taylor power station in Palomino, so just jack that thing and take it to the contact. And, uhh, look out for the LSPD."
— Description

Ticket to Elysium is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given by Lamar Davis to the player. It is available up to 4 players.


Lamar is interested in hijacking chemicals. The target now is a tanker going to a power station and Lamar wants it jacked. The truck is driving normally, so the team needs to take out the driver and then steal the truck. A 2-star wanted level will be gained shortly after entering the truck. The team must lose their wanted level and take the truck to Lamar's depot.

Mission objectives

  • Steal the tanker.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Deliver the tanker to the depot.


  • The driver of the tanker will get spooked when shot at, and drive faster and more erratically. Make the first shot count.
    • Do a drive-by with a fast vehicle, or use a Sniper Rifle.
    • The truck's route is fixed, so if a player happens to figure it out they can place a waypoint to get themselves there, making catching up with the truck more likely and a better chance to stop it.
  • Evading the cops while in a semi-truck is very difficult. Using the storm drain or train tracks will make this easier. Alternatively, call Lester and choose either remove wanted level (after gaining the wanted level) or cops turn blind eye (Before entering the truck).
    • If the player wishes to escape solely using the truck and happens not knowing the storm drain or the train tracks, they should place a custom waypoint at the depot before the yellow blip and suggested route vanishes due to the wanted level gained. This way benefits the player who drives the truck to carry on to the destination as it saves time for escaping since the wanted level can be lost anyways en route.
  • If the truck arrived at the power station, the mission will be extraordinarily difficult due to the large police presence. Thus it should be taken while en route to the power station.

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