Tiana is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and mentioned on the promotional Cultstoppers website.


Tiana is an Australian woman who the Cultstoppers believe to have been abducted by the Epsilon Program, as of 2013.

She can be seen at the Epsilon Building, along with Ameer, Haylee, Jesse and Joscha, the other four people that the Cultstoppers believe to be kidnapped.

Tiana's character model is available in the Director Mode, under the Gangs section as an Epsilonist, also along with the other four people.


Between 29th of April, and 27th of May 2013, anyone could apply to be cast as one of the five Epsilon characters. Tiana was one of the fans selected from the Epsilon Casting Event and is therefore modeled on the likeness of Tiana.[1]




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