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The Wizard's Ruin is an arcade minigame developed by Pixtro. It is available in the Arcade in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The game takes place within a medieval fantasy side-scroller as Thog who was camping with his brother Grog, but his brother Grog gets taken by a sleazy evil wizard and Thog must save him by traversing multiple areas with a boss at the end of each stage. Thog must fight a plethora of mythical creatures with only his dagger and his magic.


Playing as a Thog, he has access to a dagger and magical powers, holding down the magic attack will cause lightning to destroy all surrounding enemies, and another button will super strengthen Thog. When Thog is superpowered he can punch enemies with his fists as a stronger attack.


There are a multitude of enemies Thog must fight against such as:

  • Leprechauns
  • Fairies
  • Purple Orcs
  • Pale Green Orcs
  • Dark Green Orcs

Leprechauns launch gold coins at the player anywhere they are, as Fairies can fly to the player and attack at close range. Purple Orcs fight with fists, Pale Green Orcs fight with spears, and Dark Green Orcs fight with crosbows. Attacking crossbow bolts can stop them from harming Thog.

Grog Mode

There is a third option in the menu to play Grog mode which can be unlocked by completing the game as Thog. The gameplay is the same except that the player cannot use super strength.



  • According to Lester Crest, The Wizard's Ruin was his favorite arcade game in high school, but "wrecked any chance he had of getting laid".
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