The Welcome Pump is a bar featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The bar is located in Dillimore, Red County, San Andreas. Bearing its slogan, Fill 'er up in Style, the bar signage claims to offer "beer", "spirits", "fine foods" and "pool". Other facilities at the bar includes a clothes donation box and glass recycling box; the bar also has a Tosser sign on its roof. The petroleum company Tosser operates fuel pumps attached to the Bar as evidenced to their sign on its roof. Although it seems to be a bar, it actually serves as a diner.

The interior of the bar can be seen during the mission First Date, where Carl Johnson first meets Catalina and during dates but is not accessible to the player in normal gameplay without cheats or modifications. If the player does get inside, they can see various license plates on the bar's walls, Vice City Mambas posters, a Confederate flag and a pool table. However, there are no people inside.

Vehicles found in the car park can include a Coach run by the Bikini Line Coach Company to the left side of the entrance (sometimes the Coach does not appear and is missing in the PC version), and a Freeway or another random vehicle to the right (also missing on PC). The bar is also located next to Dillimore's Pay 'n' Spray.



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