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[[pl:The Von Crastenburg Centre]]
[[pl:The Von Crastenburg Centre]]
[[Category:Locations in GTA Chinatown Wars]]
[[Category:Locations in GTA Chinatown Wars]]
[[Category:Locations in GTA Chinatown Wars in Algonquin]]

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For other uses, see Von Crastenburg.

The Von Crastenburg Center is a high-rise building featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is located near Presidents City in lower Algonquin directly neighboring Grand Easton Terminal.

The building is most likely involved with socialite Jill Von Crastenburg and her wealthy family's charity foundation. The building and its name is mentioned only once in the game by the Helitours Maverick pilot when he takes the player on a city tour.

The building's size and appearance, especially its glass facade and structural design, are very similar to that of the Grand Hyatt New York building, a very luxurious hotel next to Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

It is unknown whether or not the Von Crastenburg Center is a Hotel (The Von Crastenburg Hotels) like in Grand Theft Auto V.

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